The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial revolution changed the world in every way and prepared the way for unprecedented growth in national and personal incomes. The industrial revolution happened around the 18th century and began in the United Kingdom which was the most advanced civilization of that time. It began with advancements in agricultural techniques and advanced to all other sectors including manufacturing and service industries. It was said to be the turning point for the world’s populace since the growth in every imaginable sector provided opportunities for employment and trade for workers and entrepreneurs. This kind of growth spurred national development and made it possible for government to increase expenditure in reforms and infrastructure development. The industrial revolution caused such diverse effects as to influence the degree of freedom enjoyed by people and this effect differed with the nature of profession.

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Freedom is a term that encompasses many things and it is best to point out that the effect of the industrial revolution to the freedom of some workers depended greatly on which element of freedom one is considering. Economical freedom was largely enhanced as workers, especially unskilled workers found it easy to get employment due to the emergence of several sectors. The growth in industry spurred innovations both in equipment development and in conducting businesses which made specialization of labor possible. Traders found it easy to diversify and reach areas within their borders and further away due to the introduction of canals and the improvement of roads and railways. The birth of labor unions to represent workers in mines, factories and mills ensured that workers could bargain for better wages and good working conditions collectively. The changes to the economical system made it difficult for non unionized workers to get better wages especially in smaller sectors where unionization was difficult. Inventions in some industries like the textile industry made some jobs obsolete and many lost their lucrative jobs. 

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