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Aquino joined Katipunan after he had become a mason and later elected as the Murcia mayor being under Francisco. He later arranged the revolutionary forces in opposition to the American before being promoted to the position of a major which was later defeated and exiled with Aguinaldo. Later in the year 1898, he went back to Philippines, joined Luna with a major aim of fighting versus the American forces. Therefore the year between 1898 and 1899 there were challenges for the Americans and the Filipinos which lead to Aguinaldo go back to Philippines to find a separation between the peasants and the ilustrados. According to the Apostasy, it is believed that Americans persuaded Aguinaldo to wrestle with power form the Spanish with a close cooperation from the Dewey. Contrary, the Dewey had informal alliance of fighting a universal enemy and that breached the plans of the alliance which made arrangements of the Spanish to surrender for the American forces.

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In the Philippine history, the Aguinaldo tried to accomplish many things despite of the limitations of the war. Among the key accomplishments were; the economic standards of the region, rising of the educational institutions to the government level foundations and the ability for owners governance. Besides the military success, the desire and aspirations for independence also took the order of the day. Similarly, there was need for an autonomous government, recognition of the civilian government, mania control and the establishment of the legislation. He made sure that his government does not allow the acquiring of the Visayan island by the American troops by opening hostility grounds that could fight back in favor of the island. Therefore Aguinaldo was able to promote the ways of governance by featuring an executive branch which was more powerful than the judicially. The position gave more hope for the international recognition in terms of diplomacy.

Besides the colonialism in the 19thcentury in Taglog region, people staged rebellion against the Spanish as a result of the wealth, education and the influences. Among those being rebellious was the Aguinaldo who begun the rebellion in the year 1890s till 1902 when the civilians took over. The Taglog held an important position in regard to the political situation, the economic status and the social welfares of the colony. These factors later lead to the recognition of the Taglog language together with English besides the 200 outstanding languages. The Cebuano was the commonly used with the Taglog rarely being used in spite of the then president being a Taglog with many of his close friends and advisers being in the government.

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In the political line, Quezon stayed in power as the president until the year 1941 with an occupation of three years later in the commonwealth in exile hibernating in the United States. The death of tuberculosis in the 1990s again saw the election of the Tagalog as the president right from the actor position to the presidency and served for almost three years beginning the year 1998. Fights and occupation in opposition to the communists made life more difficult between the1940s and 1950s. The japans war crimes in the Second World War lead to the death of almost ten thousand for both the US and the Pilipino soldier. Many were infected with malaria and others injured out of the walks of more than 82 miles. The war from the American after the independence made the place too difficult to settle and made the economic development too difficult to rebuild.

In the cultural setting, Taglog’s culture was based on agricultural farming besides fishing and trade to improve the economic standards of the people. The northern areas are at a location of rice bowl while the other southern part being at the dry land suitable for farming of sugar cane, tropical fruits, coconuts and rice for a long period of time. The Taglog settlement is arranged in a manner that seems to be along the kinship groups dependent on each other for both defense and other assistances.  The settlement is in a way that people are around the railway lines, the roads, water ways and other high ways for easy transport means of the goods and to facilitate trade in the region. At the times of the Spanish, churches and plaza communities were in a way that only a segment would be positioned along the thoroughfare and other areas visage plazas and churches. With similar cases of the Austronesia’s, the sibling groups were most social units of the community and this could give equal chances of inheritance. This fact lead to a life time union even after marriage since the kinship was seen as an important cultural factor. In Philippines the dominant Roman Catholic similarly engages in pre-Christian beliefs like those of the ancestral spirits, the supernatural beings that are not Christian related, the existence of demons among others.

The differences between the Bonifacio and the Aguinaldo was as a result of the internal power dispute,  the land issues and the agricultural reforms that made Bonifacio to be under detention through an outcome directive measures of the Aguinaldo. Later, the Bonifacio’s order of execution to Aguinaldo in the year 1897 blurred a significant difference making the Aguinaldo’s fiction of taking control of the Katipunan revolt against the colonial government of the Spanish.  Consequently, the two had differences of whether a different organization had to be established to take judge of the Katipunan.

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Contrary to both sides, one of the sides said that the Katipunan had a structure that lead to the revolution and the other remaining said that the organization was not the requirement thus creating the differences. A meeting was established to clear up these issues with the Bonifacio agreeing that a new government should be established and Aguinaldo be the president with Bonifacio the director of the war. Later the credentials for the director were questioned and on counter attack of the supporters, they made a decision for establishment of the rival republic which later was split leading to arrests and eventual executions. The people believed that Salvador could escape the capture and bring the power for Filipino but this move was not possible due to his dying stroke. 

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