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Ancient Times

Mesopotamia, located in Western Asia and in close proximity to South Eastern Europe was a role model in showcasing the growth of urbanization. In essence, the fundamentals of urbanization are eventually led to the emancipation of human civilization. This specifically occurred 3500 to 3000 B.C leading to the development of some of the first cities in the world (Noble, 2008).

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Some of the reasons leading to the development of the first cities in Mesopotamia were partly driven through proactive action and reaction from the people. This fundamentally instilled a culture of striving hard to overcome pressures brought about by a constantly increasing number of settlements, which were characterized by variations in design. Another reason that led to the emancipation of civilization was driven by the need to feed cities, which prompted Mesopotamia farmers to work hard, employ better techniques, and significantly increase the space of land under cultivation (Noble, 2008). This also led to the development of farming tools with an aim of expanding cultivated land.

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The development of cities in Mesopotamia between 3500 and 3100 B.C essentially led to the discovery of writing. For example, the first writing techniques developed were in the form of wedge shaped characters using soft clay material, which came to be known as the cuneiform (Noble, 2008). The need to write was driven by the need to preserve material and information leading to the start of recording keeping and enhancement of their language system, which was known as Akkadian.

The onset of civilization on Mesopotamia led to the development of critical elements need to create an orderly society through the emancipation of knowledge, religion, gender relations, class differences, and law of the land. Moreover, by virtue of the continuous growth of Mesopotamia, the need to extend activities related to commerce, culture, and economic prosperity, this led to conflict from neighboring regions; hence, as a result, conflicting regions would engage in war. This led to the development of dynasties as seen in the political units found in Southern Mesopotamia and Sumerian city states by 3200 B.C (Noble, 2008). These political units represented the governmental entities of the region, which led to development of culture of oppression of lower classes through taxation to protect the territories.

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As a result modern day western civilizations would later build on the fundamentals of knowledge, religion, gender relations and law of the land to front for the start of modern day world developmental objectives. It is evident that currently humans rely on established institutions like education, justice system, government, religion, and technology in pushing forth the goals of civilization. In addition, present day taxation also reflects similarity to Mesopotamia. It is also important to note that by virtue of the need to preserve information, the modern day writing forms gone through a technological transition with an aim of keeping records. Moreover, the aspect of territorial growth and control in the modern day world has also led to similar experiences of war and cooperation as seen in the era of Mesopotamia.

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