Globalization of Higher Education

The recent trend towards globalization of higher education is the result of number of different factors. The increasing growth of higher education in the past few years, also raise employment chances and competition around the globe. Present economic crisis generated by the economically strong countries financial system, and it reach to both low income and middle income countries. the relocation or migration of highly qualified person give a chance to meet the expanding knowledge-based economy, the skills requirements of the developed countries led by the United states. Various economically prosper countries change their visa policies and requirements in order to adapt to technology, in order to communicate technology for workers from other countries. Outsourcing in developed countries is a charm, large enterprises have become attractive strategies, in some developing countries; it has become a way to make money. People may notice, the re-adjustment of the higher education system in the country, such as China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, facing many African countries have been used as an indicator, on one hand, to growing higher education, on the other hand, To a wide range of dealer and programs to promote the introduction of English teaching, which is in the French-speaking African countries.

Globalization played key role in Higher Education. This the way of communicates around the globe. Due to Various changes in the concept of globalization connected with each other in some way, the interdependence connecting the actors, to build up new forms of institutions and countries.

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