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Timelines and Budgets

In the world today, working individuals usually plan on how to spend their time in daily occasions such as meetings. In order to reach their target, working people have a tendency of scheduling plans for their daily events. Nevertheless, experienced PR practitioners are certainly significant in planning and organizing campaign activities in good time (Stanton, 2010). In this respect, PR practitioners usually plan events according to the availability of the target group. For instance, if a school event that targets all parents is being planned, it would be prudent to schedule it on a date when all parents would be available such as on weekend or public holiday. Additionally, Stanton (2010) argues that a timeline should take the interests of stakeholders into consideration. In this regard, the PR practitioners should have the ability to combine several tasks at a go and to take into account various factors when establishing a timeline. Moreover, it is very significant that the timeline should be established together with a budget. However, this may be a bit challenging to individuals who have not enough experience. Generally, the estimated budget for the timeline should constitute a research, venue and equipment hire, transport, design and printing, mailing as well as stationery (Stanton, 2010). Any other items to be included in the budget will be determined by the nature of the activity undertaken during the campaign. In addition, it is very important to take into account the expected budget of the client prior to planning and estimating the cost budget of any activities. This may prevent any surprises to the client regarding either high or low budgets. Low estimated cost may indicate low quality to the client. Basically, different PR practitioners offer different intangible services according to their organization. On this note, PR practitioners with little experience should seek advice from their seniors on matters to do with budget of timeline. A good example of timeline and budgets can be illustrated by Singapore’s National Electronic Health Record Architecture (Singapore’s National Electronic Health Record, 2009. This timeline has several crucial factors for the purpose of budgeting. In addition, the stakeholders of the project were given a chance to present their views regarding the timeline.



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