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Tax Allocation

Tax allocation and generation is a matter that is not well understood by all members of society and, therefore, it is an issue that needs critical analysis. The primary role of this research was to create a clear understanding of TAD (tax allocation districts) and TIF. The acquaintance that is shared in the research is helpful in creating knowledge amongst citizens and also in enhancing the theories related to the subject matter. Individuals or scholars who read this article will be able to come out with a clearer understanding of how taxes are collected and distributed amongst members of certain organization and how in return they are allocated to various projects.

The other intention that led to the research was the creation of knowledge amongst individuals on tax allocation, tax allocation districts and tax increment financing. In the research, there was the review of two scholarly articles and the comparison of the TAD’s of two counties, namely Campbellton Road and Eastpoint Road. These two factors were researched in order to come out with the overall conclusion and recommendations. The advantage that they had is that they could not be manipulated as they were primary sources. After the research numerous aspects came into the picture. The first one was the mode in which taxes are allocated in order to fund projects. The other one was the numerous means and ways that are used in order to ensure that the collected funds are not misappropriated. Another clear outcome from the research is the need of completing programs. If programs are uncompleted, then it means there is no generation of revenue hence it may lead to a default in the loan payment.



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