Strategic Diamond

The strategic diamond analysis of the JetBlue Strategic Diamond is based upon the economic logic. Mainly it is divided into five segments economic logic being the central point for the other organs. For example it has organs such as Differentiations, Arenas, Vehicles and Staging. The arenas deal with the active and the emphasis of the channels of distribution that can be the indirect and the direct. It also deals in the market segment, the categories of the markets and the geographical areas where the market is based. Furthermore, it deals with vehicles in that the internal developments are associated with licensing, indulgence in joint ventures and the alliances of the acquired products. However, strategic Diamond is made up by an economic logic that deals with how returns can be obtained for instance it deals with lowest costs through scale advantages where certain features are taken into considerations. It also deals with premiums that comes in two segments that is the premiums prices related to  unmatched services and the premium prices that comes due to proprietary product features.

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On the other hand, a differentiation deals in the scope of the organization that is the goal of the company to excellence. In this scope, it deals with the products reliability, the speed of marketing its products, the prices of the commodities, the image of the company and its products and the styling of its produce. Nonetheless, the staging sector offers certain services to the organization that enables it to grow and expand. This service helps in speeding and sequencing the moves of the companying. In this case, the staging stage provides the company with speed to expansion and marketing of its products. It also designs sequences of initiatives that are used in marketing and increasing products of the company.

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