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1. The sectional size of the footing under the wall in the plan has been indicated as; 300

2. The internal measurements of bedroom 1 are the measures that are within the room, and are indicated in the plan as 3600 by 3600.

3. The difference of the height between the floor and the ceiling is the distance between the floor of the structure and the ceiling which has been indicated as 2400 in the plan.

4. A roof pitch is the measure which is used to determine the steepness of the roof; which is determined by the rise of the roof from the wall and its span.

5. The distance between the boundary and the building is indicated by two measurements of 1750 and 1300. Thus it is the sum of the two measurements; 1750+1300=30500

6. The scale used in the drawing is 1:100. This means that 1 unit in the drawing represents 100th of 1 meter long in actual size of the structure.

7. The thickness of the patio slab in the plan has been indicated as 100.

8. The size of the internal footing in the structures plan is indicated to be 300 by 350.

9. The reinforcement in the garage slab has been increased to 500, which are more than the reinforcement of the house which is indicated as 350 in the plan.

10. The construction of the rare deck is a small extension at the rear of the house which serves as a balcony.

11. The reinforcement in the footing of the house as indicated by the plan is 350 for the house and 500 for the garage.

12. The measurement of the boundary as indicated in the plan is the distance from the building to the boundary and the length of the building wall, which has been indicated as (17500+1300) by 15185, thus, the measurement is 30500 by 15185.

13. The street in which the building is located in the plan needs to be indicated at the bottom right of the plan, has not been indicated.

14. The lot number of the house has been indicated as building (3477) in the plan certificate.

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