Institutions of Politics and Economics

The readings are related in that they all show why there are no more good jobs in America. The average Americans are being exploited in business deals. Most of their projects are being shifted to other countries oversees leading to massive lay off. In 2011, most of the people lost their employment and they shifted and relocated to other place.  (Thottam, 2003)

Most of them only come across temporary employment in their field and are forced to take a massive pay cut on their salaries. This is not enough to cater for their bills. They are frustrated as more jobs which attract high pay are moved abroad. On the other hand the beneficiaries, the learned Indian personnel, are swiftly adjusting towards their new class as the world’s most preferred workforce.

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When they are lucky to find business offers they get raw deals out of them. The partnerships they get tend to make them shrink into a grain of sand rather than grow into a mountain. One will end up paying over 75% of his income to a business partner (Stansberry, 2010).

In order to save local jobs, labor activists in the U.S are campaigning to lower the number of H-1B and L-1 visas given to overseas employees (Thottam, 2003). Immigration makes people to depend on other countries for employment. Research shows that U.S firms are expected to send over three million jobs out of the country in the coming twelve years, mainly to India. This is going to bring more misery to the Americans who are already suffering. The plan is already underway as most customer care representatives in some U.S firms are foreigners. We realize that the firms are also disturbed regarding the backlash but mostly due to the pessimistic publicity they raise. However in the boardrooms they widely support outsourcing.

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