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Containerization means the use of containers in the transport of goods. This method of transport has brought about many advantages in maritime transport. In the first place, the use of containers has led to reduced costs of packing. The goods are packed before delivery to the maritime shipping agencies. As a result, these shipping agencies incur no packaging costs. In addition, there are no handling costs in when the goods are in containers since they are only inspected at their destination. This means that their revenues have increased due to reduced costs.

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Second, the shipping companies are able to transport large quantities of goods. This is because the containers ensure that there is no wastage of space. As a result, more goods can be carried. Increase in the quantity of goods that can be carried means that the revenues of maritime shipping companies have increased.

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Containers ensure safety of goods that are being transported. Since the goods are enclosed, there are reduced chances of theft. Theft has also reduced in the maritime transport system since thieves are not aware of what is being transported in the sealed containers. The complaints from the customers have therefore reduced hence the reputation of these shipping agencies has improved. This attracts more customers to the business.

Special containers have been devised to carry fragile and perishable goods safely. This has increased the variety of goods that can be carried meaning that the revenues from these industries have increased to an extent.

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The parallelism of containerization in the air freight industry is brought by the fact that transport in the marine industries has become extremely cheap hence causing competition in the freight industry. The freight industry has lost many customers due to use of containerization. Containerization has made transport in the maritime industry cheap compared to the previous situations. The benefits associated with the use of containers in the maritime industry are what have resulted to parallelism with the freight industry.

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