The Underground Railroad

Slavery was one of the major forms of injustice during the colonial times. Most people tried their best to escape from the United States to Free states and Canada. The Underground Railroad, thus, became a name that was used to refer to such efforts. Most people who fought against slavery gained memorable popularity. One such personality is John Quincy Adams (1767-1848), the former United States President (Walker).

His main reason for involvement in the fight for freedom was mostly inspired by his humane nature and respect for human values. In my own view, being the president, he might have had enough powers to persecute people with the zeal to reap from the weird benefits of the slave trade but he was humane enough not to do so. His acting the opposite, made him receive numerous accolades from many people (Walker).

His involvement was mainly through presentation of cases against the vice, as a chosen lawmaker in a bid to free slaves. In addition, he was an eloquent man. (Walker). Eloquence is a powerful tool that one can use to fight against politically inclined injustices such as slavery. From the existing literature about his involvement in the Underground Railroad, we can say he was a charismatic individual who fought for justice.

In conclusion, slavery has been one of the most dehumanizing ventures that the colonialists ever got involved. However, all the individuals who were able to see and do something about the plight of slaves should always be recognized and appreciated forever. We wonder what the world could be looking like now, if the slavery was not abolished.



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