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The Chocolate

Chocolate is widely used in the world. Throughout the history, Cocoa has led to creation of a multi-billion industries. Notably, Cocoa has myriad uses. This overshadows the bitter history in which it is produced and the miseries it has inflicted to its farmers. In my opinion, Cocoa production has more negative effects than its benefits. This is more so to the famers who under various forms of exploitation every day despite the huge profits made by the producing companies.

Bitter chocolate traces its origin in the sixteenth century. During this era, chocolate was evolved resulting into high demand for cocoa. The main area of growth was in West Africa especially in Ivory Coast which serves as the global leading producer of cocoa. The cocoa plantations were characterized by sixteenth century slavery and injustices. The factories at Hershey, Cadbury and Mars required more Cocoa in order produce more Chocolate. This led to increased pressure from crushing of Cocoa beans by the cartels (Off, 234). There was more demand for Cocoa. However, cartels were not willing to offer more money. This meant that more beans were to be produced for less money. The poor residents had to be turned into the cheapest form of labor possible in order to meet the high demand in the industries. Thousands of children and women were turned into slave labor especially in picking the beans. Despite their effort, they were denied a chance to taste chocolate leave alone being paid. The most unfortunate thing is that exploitation is still practiced in these areas Cocoa is produced in West Africa.



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