Bagdad Cafe

Bagdad café is a film that casts a studious eye on the mindsets and lifestyles of people (well, some of them) that we may have met, but we happen to know so little about them. It’s a classic example of how an individual at the right place can impact on the life of a society. The movie proves that indeed hard work and tolerance (mutual acceptance) can bring about much needed change in a community. It also analyzes the challenges faced by tourists everywhere. In addition, it paints a beautiful picture of a wasteland that more often than not has been ignored by all of humanity. Jasmine, as the main act, rather than complaining of being given lemons, she takes this in her stride to make lemonade. Such is her determination that she is able to touch the lives of others, and Brenda. It is this transformation from the total strangers to the best friends that makes this movie a special one (IMDb). It is also this theme that caught viewers by the surprise, but what a surprise! However, in the end, it supported most viewers’ expectations that indeed anything is possible, if we put all our efforts into it. It also gave the viewers a challenge of making the world a better place for all.

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After watching this film, many viewers had the sense that anything is possible. It also confirmed the long held belief of mutual acceptance among the people, despite the cultural differences. Unlike other movies, the two protagonists (Brenda and Jasmine) actually end up as the best of friends. This brought about a breath of fresh air, as opposed to most movies that end in death or uncertainty. On the other hand, this movie ends in satisfaction and happiness for all parties, even the viewers. This gives the viewers the belief that the world would be a better place, if there was mutual acceptance. There is everything to gain in friendship (Weil, 2011).

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