Most of the games use appearances of famous and influential people who play along with the contestants. In The Wheel of Fortune game, the contestants participate in the game for themselves and walk away with the prizes or cash that they win. On the other hand, the celebrities play games but for charity purposes with a minimum assurance of 10,000 USD. In most of the game shows, there are several expectations from the contestants. For instance, in the game show Let’s Make a Deal, the contestants must have the tickets necessary for attending a taping, these tickets are free of charge. The taping process involves two hour long episodes, the contestants are then chosen. In addition to the taping, the contestants must have a photo identity card and be ready to fill in an application form. In the game Let’s Make a Deal, the costumes are considered and encouraged too. The contestants need to be original and decent so as to make the game show look more real instead of a fiction. The members of the audience and the contestants must be over 21 years of age (John 45).

Rewarding of the winners with cash and prizes is one of the things that keep on reoccurring in all game shows. The second thing is the presence of celebrities who make the shows more famous by just making the appearances: these celebrities participate in the shows too and the money that they win is given to charity of their choice. Daytime game shows are played for lower stakes as they target the people at home whereas the game shows with the high stakes are conducted during the prime time when most of the people are at their homes (John 78).

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