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Internet Identity

The Internet can be defined as a vast interconnection of computer networks (James, 2010). In this respect, the Internet enables various computer users to connect and share information easily. In the process information sharing through the Internet, various activities are carried out including criminal one. However, it is not easy to identify those individuals undertaking these criminal activities. Designing an internet that necessitates authentification of one’s identity would be a very fruitless process. For instance, suppose the resources required to establish a system where a user of a particular computer is attached to the computer and thus making it easier to identify the person in any place of the world. This may help to track particular criminal activity committed through the Internet. However, the perpetrators of these activities will find another way of undertaking the criminal activities in the Internet. For instance, they may decide to steal computers that belong to others and use them to carry out their criminal activities. Thus, even if we develop a system that can enable us to identify every internet activity, this will not help to prevent criminal activities which involve hacking of other people computers, fraud, and phishing among others. Besides, these individuals engaged in carrying out these criminal activities use certain computer networks known as botnets to hack people computers. Basically, botnets comprise of particular codes that facilitate hacking of various computers through the control of one hacker. To make the matter even worse, the owners of the hacked computers don’t know that their system has been hacked. Consequently, if the criminal activities were identified through the owners of computers, innocent people would pay for crimes committed by others. On this note, it is evident that establishing a compulsory identification system will not help to curb the problem. Besides, to avoid anonymity in the Internet may necessitate a very high technological consideration.



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