The step taken by Hamlet to ask for the speech from the players is significant both to him as a character and to the development of the plot of the novel. Hamlets curiosity led him to request for that favor from the visiting players. He also wanted to hear something that would interest him and the first player fulfils his expectations by having the story climax with a description of a woman grieving for her husband. This shows the kind of character Helmet is as he wishes to seat on the throne. Hamlet request to listen to the speech was not just about the words but also to find out more about the players. He is seen to develop some interest on them after their performance. On learning of their journey, he reflects more about the current situation of the country. Hamlet uses characters and the activities around him to learn more about himself and his next action. This incident leads him to reflect as to why the public has started liking the boy actors all over a sudden (Shakespeare and Mobley 126).

Hamlet had particular interest in that speech as he specified its title and even went ahead to recite some of the lines. He insisted that the player continues to recite it despite the calls from other characters to stop because of its length. When Polonius complains about the length, Hamlet insists that they play should continue. The line on the mobled queen in the speech attracts Hamlets attention who then becomes enthusiasm. The line makes Hamlet to resent his mother for not mourning her husband who was his father. This realization strikes an accord in Hamlets mind. Hamlet was in need of something to make him to get in touch with his inner self and that is why he had insisted to have the speech. He used the speech as a tool to help him gain the courage and face his challenges (Shakespeare and Mobley 107).

When Hamlet remained alone after everybody had left, Helmet now realizes that he had many issues to address. He refers to himself as being a peasant and rogue slave. He goes ahead to chide himself because he had not acted against King Claudius actions. This realization makes him consider himself to be a coward as well as a villain from the way he had acted. He relates the characters in the play to those around him. Hamlet looks at King Claudius as to take the role played by the guilty creatures in the play. He goes ahead to admit that the cunning from the scenes in the play had made him realize how his soul was now struck. To him, the play was a source of salvation to even the sinners who ended up declaring their sins. At this juncture, he relates the play to his life from the murder of his father to the sins of his uncle. The speech makes him appreciate the reality surrounding him (Shakespeare and Mobley 134).

The speech is significant in the plot development of the novel. Through it, new characters are introduced like the players. Moreso, some of Hamlet’s character traits were brought out as he reacted to the speech. His reaction was that of a coward. A number of themes are evident considering the reaction of the characters. Hamlet decides to revenge the death of his father at the same time get back at his uncle. He also hates his mother for not mourning the death of his father. It is through the speech that some events unfold in the novel and some puzzled settled like who was the murderer of Hamlet father (Shakespeare and Mobley 164).

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