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The marketing plan of this company is to stimulate a demand for trips to Morocco. Morocco is a country in northern Africa with a rich diversity of tour destinations. The country boosts of a rich cultural heritage from very many people living in that country. The country also has rich diverse natural resources which provide every visitor with a spectacular experience and value for your time and money. Our service to Morocco includes different cost effective packages for our esteemed customers. Morocco provides a market full of resources to harness and provide for an amble ground for profit maximization. The budget for this marketing plan would include the advertising cost will range between $20000 and $25000. This also includes the promotional plan activities.

The location of Morocco is so exciting since it has one of the best harbors and airports in Africa and the rest of the world. The country boosts of having one of the most well-managed ports for docking both small and large cruises. Our pricing plan for segmenting different packages for different classes will enable even the low income earners enjoy this opportunity to travel to Morocco. Frequent travelers will also have a chance to accumulate points which they can redeem for free miles.

In terms of Morocco as a destination for people from the Netherlands, it is not fully developed. Most of our competitors do not have consistent trips to Morocco. The organization of the market is composed of small private cruises which do not give services to customer expectation. In a survey carried out by an international tourism company, many Dutch people have been visiting Morocco for their holidays. Therefore, in a bit to tap these customers, the company should prove to the customers its worthiness to give the best services.

Morocco is safe compared to most countries in Africa and has been having a stable government for many years. It is mainly constituted with Muslims. The country is mostly a desert or semi-arid with beautiful landscape perfect for holiday life. Since most of our competitors fear to venture in this market, our research revealed that this market is rather safe to venture in. The route does not have cases of pirates unlike that of the Indian Ocean.

The company will engage itself in marketing Morocco to the people through advertising. This can be done through a joint venture together with the government of Morocco. An agreement can be reached together with the Morocco’s government to assist branding of the company as the endorsed company for people visiting the country.

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At this point, the company should develop its marketing strategies into the detailed plans and programs. Even though these comprehensive tactics may include each point of the 7 Ps (marketing mix), the focus will vary according to the organization's specific strategy of improving the company's brand equity and increase brand exposure. In order to meet this, a product-oriented organization will be focused on plans for the 7 Ps around its products. The geographically oriented market of Morocco will concentrate on the geographical area or market of Morocco. The company will ground its strategy upon the comprehensive requirements of the customers and on the strategy followed to satisfy the needs. Websites and brochures are used will be effectively used to realize this.

Again, another valuable tool is, indeed, the detailed plan which spells out exactly what the programs and individual duties will include over the period covered by the plan (generally over the next year). This will help to monitor the activities of the plan, even in terms of successful meeting of the company objective of being a market leader. These schedules and activities will make the "marketing" of the organization in the country over some period of time. The result will provide a detailed promotion program that will be the most important and practical outcome of the entire planning process. The plans must be:

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Clear – Thomas Cook should ensure an unambiguous objective of 'exactly' what steps the company wants to be take i.e. the company wants to reach a bigger market for Morocco.

Quantified - The expected result of each plan should be quantified, so that its outcome can be easily monitored. For this case, our market is to have many Dutch people realize the potential of Morocco as business and tour destination using our services.

Focused - The company should focus on its market expansion to Morocco in the process of becoming a market leader. For the company to achieve this, it should dedicate resources to the marketplace. One of the ways is to create a department that operates and manages the Morocco’s market.

Realistic – The company should ensure that it does not set goals which cannot be realized easily. This can be achieved by the company giving this marketing plan an amble time to gain the market control. Since Morocco is not well-known, one must not expect the company to be successful in its venture into the route as early as the first month.

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Those implementing the plan should be dedicated to it. They should concur that it is attainable. The resultant plans must become an operational file guiding the campaign captivating throughout the business over the phase of the plan. However, if the plan is to work, then every exemption to it (during the marketing plan period) has to be questioned; and the lessons must be learnt to be included in the next years.

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