The Decision by Dalman and Lei

The decision by Dalman and Lei to carry out a large scale expansion of their business is a great risk but very beneficial in terms of returns as compared to going for a small expansion. Both partners are obligated to sit down and identify a strategic planning model. In order to penetrate the market, they should be aware of the SWOT analysis that their business is will be involved in i.e. Strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Strengths and weakness are internal factors that could affect their internal business operations while opportunities and threats are external factors that could affect their external business operations. Internal factors can be controlled by Sandwich Blitz but can do little on matters concerning external factors.

One of the strengths that Sandwich Blitz has is its location. The business is located in a shopping centre near three universities, one hospital, and four high-traffic office complexes. This has enabled them to operate in a favorable market and this explains why they have several joints. Both partners have marketing expertise. With much experience from their previous jobs, they will be able to make decisions that will help in the growth of their business. The business has resources for expansion and this is a vital strength.

The main weakness that sandwich Blitz is facing is the inability of Dalman and Lei to devote their time in business expansion decisions. They instead focus on solving all the small problems and issues that are within the existing operation.

Opportunities exposed to Sandwich Blitz include the availability of many customers who sticks to them due to the organically food ingredients and healthy beverages offered. The partners have also identified other markets for expansion their business.

The main threat that Sandwich Blitz is facing is the speculations regarding the entry of two new franchise operations. Unhealthy competition that arises in effort to win more customers can have a negative and permanent effect on a business and this could lead to closure of some of the Sandwich Blitz’s joints.



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