Costs of Entertainment

The author of the book Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping, Judith Levine tries to show how cost effective entertainment could be if we organize our cultural life around a major primary criterion. This re-organization would make us discover new methods of entertainment which are cheap and cost effective. They include books and films some of which are free to borrow from public libraries (Levine, 59).

Levine showcases briefly how human beings behave like social animals in terms of spending money. Many people like going to places that are lively to entertainment themselves and have social interactions with other people. Most of them believe that in order to experience maximum entertainment and fun, one has to go to the places frequented by many other people like cafes, casinos, movie theatres, and even restaurants. In these places one has to spend money, for instance in buying movie tickets, buying of drinks and refreshments or even food.

Despite many people tending to rely on forms of entertainment that are costly, the author clearly shows how one can have a cost free entertainment at home (59). An example is my father who takes us to outings every weekend stating that the home environment is boring and he wants to go to lively places. He takes us to movie theatres, cafes, circuses and in the evening he says that he has to go to restaurants and casinos to have social interaction and fun with his buddies. All that is much expenditure which could be avoided by either going to a public library and borrow movies or even literature reading materials. It’s so ironical how people spend so much money on entertainment and yet they could channel that money into improving the public libraries as they are underfunded hence their shabby look (59).

Personally I cannot rely only on free entertainment for a week or a month since this form of entertainment mostly entails staying indoors and watching borrowed movies or reading literature books. For instance the movies offered by the libraries are classical (60) while I am mostly interested in watching the latest movies. This is the reason why I opt to go to theatres to watch “cool” stuff. In order for me to entirely rely on free entertainment, I have to change my friends since they are the ones who influence me into these outings. I also need to change my attitude towards classical stuff and nurture a reading culture.



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