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Business Plan

Pat Fitness and Weight Control Center seeks to provide health care management services in Coral Gables. These services target the low-income earners since they will be offered at a low cost. Its owners and staff are trained and experienced to ensure customers get quality services. The health care market is rapidly expanding and is projected to reach $69.8 billion come 2012. Obesity and weight control are currently reaching epidemic quantities in both the developed and developing nations. It does not only affect the adults, but also the adolescents and children. Medical research indicates that obesity and weight control have been rated as the most widespread nutritional problems around the world, over the previous 20 years, eclipsing infectious diseases and under-nutrition, as the greatest contributor to mortality and ill health. Moreover, it is considered as a significant key risk factor for various non-communicable and chronic diseases. Indeed, obesity was previously considered as a body’s image matter, but contemporary research studies indicate that there is more about obesity to just body image or cosmetic aspect. There exists a considerable proof displaying that obese and overweight individuals are at higher risk of getting various health problems, for instance, coronary artery disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, stroke, dyslipemia, some forms of cancer and osteoarthritis. (Lawrence & Carl, 2008). A large proportion of the market is still untapped, thus providing a greater opportunity for moreinvestors to venture into this industry. The low-income segment is commonly disregarded as most clubs target the high-income earners. However, obesity and heart diseases are on the increase, a fact that has increased the demand for health clubs. This new center seeks to provide quality services at an affordable cost, with the help of fully trained and qualified staff.


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A business plan is a formal statement describing the business goals of a specific business or organization, the plan for attaining the outlined goals, along with the reasons as to why these goals have to be attained. Business analysts postulate that it is important that every business, whether large or small, creates and maintains a business plan as it acts as a roadmap to attaining success. However, it is worth noting that a business plan is not a guarantee to attain success, but only as a guide for the business (Lawrence & Carl, 2008). This paper illustrates a business plan for Pat Fitness and Weight Control Centre that is planned to start its operations in January 2012. The centre will be situated in Florida, along the bounds of Coral Gables. It will provide quality fitness and health services to its prospective customers at an affordable cost, in order to target a wider market.

The mission of this centre is to provide awareness, training programs and strategies that relate to fitness and health care matters. This is based on the widespread recognition of the need and importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, in order to respond to the ever-increasing rates of diseases related to unhealthy lifestyles.

Just like any other business, Pat Fitness and Weight Control Centre have various business objectives, which it seeks to attain. It is important to have business goals as they help to determine the organization’s progress towards attaining the outlined goals. Some of the goals this center seeks to attain include:

  • Attain a 30 percent market share by the end of one financial year
  • Attain a 40 percent overall sales by the end of one financial year
  • To attain long-term profitable growth through expanding its brand and strengthening the strengths
  • Promote general awareness of the need to maintain healthy lifestyles

The fitness industry is a service industry, which is planned to offer physical health and care exercises with the assistance of specialized equipment. The industry normally targets both female and male clients, especially those that care about their health. In a market, the customers’needs usually differ, and as a result, market segmentation will be employed in order to understand these needs properly, and there after, choose the groups that will be served by the company. In geographical segmentation, customers are grouped depending with the region (Armstrong & Kotler, 2000). Fitness and weight control center will mostly serve the urban people as these individuals do less physical jobs and thus, they may consider a fitness centre as a solution. Demographic segmentation is based on age, education, income occupation and gender (Lawrence & Carl, 2008).

The company will target both male and female of all ages, but more specifically to those who earn an income as these individuals will be able to pay for the services. Lastly, psychological segmentation, which is based on lifestyle, values and attitudes, will also be considered. The company will target individuals with a high lifestyle and living standards (Keller, 2009). In most circumstances, these individuals have increased chances of becoming obese or diabetic, and in order to prevent this, they will seek fitness services as a remedy. Pat Fitness and weight control centre will offer various services to its target market including gymnasium, muscle training, boxing, diabetes and obesity control, cycling and aerobics. These services will be offered in the most effective way possible to ensure sufficient satisfaction to the target customers and assist in building a competitive advantage.

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The health care management industry offers a great opportunity to both the existing and potential investors. Some of the reasons as to why this market is growing include the fact that most of the current studies postulate that approximately 300 million people globally, are obese (Laura, et al. 2006). It is also claimed that about 15 percent of the American children are overweight. In addition, it is said that approximately 18 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes, also suffer from heart diseases and high blood pressure. Some of the documented studies that have attempted to avoid the use of obesity have the same opinion that a Body Mass Index of 27 or more presents some health risks. A comprehensive study was conducted by the American Cancer Society on the relationship between obesity and mortality. This study reported that overweight individuals are at a higher risk of premature death compared to the healthy individuals. Several studies have illustrated a relationship between obesity and overweight, with numerous health related complications, such as diabetes, some types of cancer, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Underweight individuals also face significant health related problems, as well as eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia (Brian & Steven, 2006). Other international studies have reported significant links between obesity and menstrual irregularities, pregnancy and infertility complications, hormonal disorders, breathing problems, impaired immune function and psychological disorders such as stress and depression (Brian & Steven, 2006).

Obesity and overweight are measured using some special equipment. To determine whether an individual is obese or not, the body fats have to be measured, along with the relative weight. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is today recognized as a global indicator of an individual’s relative weight. It is normally calculated by dividing an individual’s weight in kilograms by the height in meters squared. In keeping with this standard measure, individuals whose Body Mass Index ranges from 20 to 24.9 are considered to have a healthy weight. This means that it presents no health risks related to weight, and their probability to succumbing to premature deaths as a result of weight related problem is very low. However, individuals with a Body Mass Index of 25 to 26.9, according to the Statistical Report on the Health of Canadians, confer a possible health risk, while those of a Body Mass Index of 27 or more confer a probable health risk. However, most of these studies have indicated a closer relationship between lack of physical exercise and most of the disease. For instance, lack of exercise is a primary cause of obesity, a primary concern for most populations, as well as states. Indeed, more and more people are turning to health care and fitness clubs, hence expanding the industry rapidly. However there are no barriers to entry (Laura et al., 2006).

PatFitness and Weight Control Centre will target both male and female of all ages. This is because, in the United States, about 130 million Americans are overweight of which, 15 percent are children (Keller, 2009). It is important to note that the centre seeks to help both the healthy and unhealthy populations, considering the fact that there is a widespread awareness of the need to maintain healthy lifestyles, and the fact that there have been increasing numbers of diseases related to unhealthy lifestyles. In addition, a treatment cost is very high which most individuals with low incomes cannot afford, and as a result, individuals will use the fitness centers as the solutions. It is also true that, the location of Pat Fitness Centre is strategic in that, as statistics reveal, the growth rate is about 1.36 percent per year. It therefore follows that the population is projected to increase to around three million by the end of 2012. This acceleration in population growth is very essential for the centre, as it translates to a wider target market.

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Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is one of the main concerns in the world today, since it has been widely recognized that most of the health related diseases could be avoided by maintaining healthy lifestyles. It therefore follows that this centre has focused on the provision of a service that is highly demanded today. Furthermore, the centre will offer its services at a low cost, a strategy that will make it attain a bigger market share considering the fact that most of the inhabitants of Coral Gables are low income earners (Brian & Steven, 2006). The company’s management is also dedicated to attaining a result-oriented approach that will attract and keep customers in the contemporary highly competitive market. In addition, the centre will train qualified staffs that will ensure the customer’s needs are met. The fact that the centre seeks to offer a variety of services will ensure that it satisfies the varying tastes and preferences of its prospective customers.

It can be challenging to provide quality services to the customers at a low cost considering the fact that personal training services are costly. Thus, as much as it seeks to provide its services at a lower cost, it might at some point be forced to increase its prices in order to continue operating. In addition, the amount of money allocated to marketing is less if the centre is interested in attracting a wider market. The centre has also managed to hire a few staff, which can be a problem when it comes to providing the services to the targeted large pool of customers.

The increasing rates of obesity and heart diseases have caused more people to pay greater attention to health care activities and exercises. This can be used as one of the strategies to attract a wider market share. Besides, the fitness and health care market is rapidly expanding, presenting a greater opportunity for the centre to grow and make more profits. More and more studies show that fitness and weight control clubs have become part of the daily routines due to the wider recognition of the health benefits that people get from such centers (Laura et al., 2006). However, a huge segment of the market is still untapped and since the low-income areas have not been explored, this centre stands a big chance of making more profits by targeting this market. From the market research the centre conducted previously, it is well evident that there are only eight fitness and weight control centers that are already operational within this area. This therefore means that a larger part of this market is still untapped, and thus the centre has an opportunity to explore the market and attain higher profits.

The widespread use of modern technologies presents a bigger threat to Pat health and fitness centre considering the fact that companies are now manufacturing low cost equipments that could be used for home exercises (Laura et al., 2006). Furthermore, Pat Fitness and Weight Control Centre will enter into a very competitive market in Florida. This is more so considering the fact that other fitness clubs have already established their brands in the market, and since this is a new centre, it will take some time for it to establish its brand. Some of its top competitors include the Coral Gables Fitness Club, Step-by-Step Fitness Club and the Silver’s Gym. The already well-established fitness and weight control centers within this area will offer competition to this centre, considering the fact that there are already eight fitness and weight control centers operating in this region. Furthermore, some of the already existing centers can adopt the low-cost strategy to target more customers, since the centre relies on the low cost strategy as its main strategy to attaining a competitive advantage (Brian & Steven, 2006).The centre may therefore be forced to come up with a new strategy to target its customers, which may be quite costly in terms of conducting market research. In addition, the economic downturn and recession can also contain adverse effects on the growth of the health and fitness clubs because more people will opt to direct their funds to acquiring basic wants, rather than enrolling into fitness and weight control clubs, which is considered by many as a leisure activity (Lawrence & Carl, 2008).

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This center seeks to target the low-income earners in the market around the Gable area. It will thus employ persuasion in order to be able to convince the target customers about the need and the benefits enrolling into fitness and wellness programs. In addition, the center will aggressively pursue relationships and interaction with people by sending emails and newsletters through their website to ensure it meets its marketing objectives.There are various marketing objectives the centre seeks to attain. One of the marketing objectives is to create a brand image in the health and fitness market. The centre also seeks to attain a market share of about 30 percent by the end of 2 years. In addition, Pat Fitness and weight control centre seeks to attain a profit of about 20 percent by the end of one financial year. It will take part in various events such as sports, as a means of creating health care awareness and promoting education programs among the target customers.

Marketing mix can be defined as a mixture of marketing tools that can be applied to satisfy clients and attain the company’s marketing objectives and goals (Keller, 2009). The customers usually refer these as the offering, which is generally controlled by the four marketing Ps: product, price, place, and promotion. However, a company can also employ other strategies such as value preposition and offensive and defensive strategies to successfully penetrate a market and meet it marketing objectives. However, as business analysts highlight, a company employing these elements has the capacity to reach various clients within its target market. It is true that, the combination and coordination of these elements will result to be more effective than depending just on one element. Therefore, Pat Fitness and weight control center marketing mix, just like any other marketing mix is based on the 4p’s- product, price, place/ distribution and promotion; branding and value preposition.

A company’s strategy is guided by being the best at producing or providing what its consumers feel is the best and satisfies their needs. Product encompasses the goods or services offered by a company (Armstrong & Kotler, 2000). In our case, Pat Fitness and Weight Control Centre will offer a wide range of services to its customers. These include boxing, aerobics, pilates, yoga, cycling, muscle training and diabetes and obesity control. The center will have modern equipment from some of the famous quality manufacturers. There are plans to execute periodical subscriptions, for instance, annual, monthly or quarterly subscriptions to the customers at low cost as a way of acquiring customer loyalty. In addition, the center will also be fully equipped with fully trained professionals allocated in different departments to ensure effective results are attained. This will also help in ensuring customers get quality training that will in ensuring their needs are satisfied at an affordable cost. A recent study conducted in by our experts indicated that most of the health and fitness centers around Florida targeted the high-income earners exclusively. Most of the centers offer their services at a costly price, cutting out the low income earners.

Pat Fitness and Weight Control Centre will basically target the low-income earners, as it seeks to provide its prospective customers with quality services at an affordable cost. These services will be offered in the best way possible (offering quality services) by trained personnel to ensure that, customers are highly satisfied. This as a result will create client loyalty and give the company a competitive advantage to its rivals. To separate themselves from other centers, Pat Fitness and weight control centre will provide modern exercise facilities, personal trainings that go in line with some nutritional advice, and professional trainers for its clients. This will enable the centre to maintain high quality standards and competitiveness. Furthermore, the centre seeks to specialize in health and fitness, and thus most of its services will be directed at achieving this goal Furthermore, the center also offers exercise classes for both children and adults such as body sculpt, cycle, cardio combo. The centre also intends to develop a work out of the day concept where the enrolled members perform a new workout each day, a fact that seeks to increase the innovation and novelty aspects of the workout.

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Effective marketing calls for a thorough understanding of the target market and the channels used to sell the products. In addition, the price of the product should match with the quality of the product. Price is defined as the amount paid by customers for a certain product. It basically represents the amount paid by clients for a certain product. Pricing decisions usually take into account obvious pricing response of major competitors and the expected profit margins. Pricing integrates financing, discounts, and the list price amongst others. In general, enrolling to a fitness centre entails such costs as initial registration fee, and the daily cost of classes. In order to attract and retain target customers, and therefore succeed in the highly competitive market, Pat Fitness and weight control centre will offer high quality exercises at lower costs compared to those of the competitors. Exercise service and basic bodywork out will be offered only for $100. Additionally other services will also be offered at low costs to help the company compete in the market. This kind of pricing strategy is known as penetration pricing, considering the fact that centre is highly dependant on its pricing strategy to penetrate into this market. This therefore means that it is from the low cost the centre will charge for its services that it seeks to penetrate this market. However, another market research that was initially conducted by the centre highlighted that the centre can consider offering its services at a comparatively higher cost compared to what the other centers that are operating within this region are offering, through the provision of unlimited sessions. Apparently, most of the centers in the region are offering limited sessions, and thus the clients will consider this pricing strategy as valuable.

Place or the distribution channel represents the location in which clients can acquire a product. Place encompasses any physical store or/and other virtual stores on the internet. Pat Fitness and weight control centre will operate within the boundaries of Florida, along the bounds of Coral Gable. However, at its inception the centre will not engage any kind of branch network but it might consider opening other branches in future after it has become well established. Pat Fitness and weight control products will also be acquired through its website whereby the company communicates the intended information for customers to download and practice. Some fee will be attached so that the information can only be downloaded after the customers pay the attached fee. However, the centre considers this to be a good marketing strategy as it efficiently counters the propensity of using substitutes of other fitness methods. Furthermore, most of the already established centers have not implemented this type of service distribution. This type of strategy will also provide diversification, which will allow Pat fitness and weight control center to reach numerous customers in a larger target market. This strategy is beneficial to the company as it will be able to meet its objectives.

Promotion strategies are the most important in the contemporary market. These strategies are developed to make clients aware of the existence of certain products or services offered by a company. Promotion strategies include all communications that marketers use in the market place. Various promotion mediums will be employed by Pat Fitness and weight control centre to ensure that the target customers obtain the required information. Such mediums will include internet, television, magazines, and radio for advertising. The centre seeks to come up with adverts that will be placed in these mediums in order to inform its target customers of the various services its offers, while at the same time seeking to market its services. However, the centre is planning to create a website that will be used to inform the public about the types of services it seeks t o offer, as well as helping in the overall sales process. The main advantage about online marketing is that it can be used to target a wider market as it can be accessed by people from all over the world. Additionally, the company will print 4000 brochures that will be used for creating awareness regarding their fitness and health services. The centre will also employ various qualified sales persons to distribute these brochures to the target customers and in major health care events and seminars where officials from Fitness and weight control centre will participate. Through these mediums, Pat Fitness and weight control centre will be able to reach and cover a wider geographical area therefore, making its products well known to the clients.

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Additionally, the centre is planning to establish annual sports competitions through which the centre intends to promote its services among its target market. This strategy is also considered as a sales promotion as members are offered added service benefits within a wide community. Through these events, the centre will be able to reach and cover a larger geographical area, thus making its services well known to the general public. Basically, these promotional strategies are aimed at making the company meet its objective of entering into the fitness industry successfully thus becoming the marketing leader. Additionally, the promotional strategies aim at making the company meet its goal of entering into the fitness industry effectively, along with promoting the general awareness about the need to maintain healthy lifestyles, as a way of countering the ever-increasing figures of diseases related to unhealthy lifestyles.

Plans to establish an official website for the Pat Fitness and weight control centre are underway. This is one of the approaches the centre is applying to establish a brand image in the health and fitness market. However, it is worth noting that the website will also be used as a promotional strategy to target more customers while offering online subscription. In addition, the centre seeks to provide quality services to its prospective customers at a low cost compared to what its competitors are offering in order to target more customers. It can thus establish its brand name through this approach.

Establishing value preposition is considered an effective business strategy. It is a business statement that illustrates why a client should use a certain service or buy a certain product. Some of the examples of value prepositions include: efficient client service department, variety products and functionality of a product. Pat Fitness Weight and Control Centre is a state of the art facility furnished with modern equipment from the renowned quality manufacturers. Subscription plans will be initiated at low costs to ensure the services remain affordable. For instance, a basic body exercise will be offered at a monthly subscription of only $100. Furthermore, qualified personnel have been already hired and are undergoing some additional training in order to provide quality services to the prospective customers. It is also apparent that the centre intends to offer a wide range of products to its customers including games, work of the day, and training which are all offered in the best way possible. In addition, the company offers valuable unlimited sessions to its customers throughout the month. Adopting these value prepositions will assist the centre in setting itself apart from rivals, increased promotion by loyal clients, increased target customers, increased sales and general improvement in revenue.

It is worth noting that creating, writing and implementing a marketing plan starts with an analysis of the industry and concludes with implemental marketing programs and marketing strategies. The results of the marketing analysis, with specific consideration to the industry analysis, market mapping, product and competitive advantage, along with the competitor analysis, shows that there is a potential for establishing a fitness and weight control centre in Florida. This is because the market is still untapped and the presence of competitors within this region is very low. The market analysis further reveals that in order to maintain customization features, the centre should identify the fitness programs and adjust its time schedule to suit this geographic segment. In addition, the analysis suggests that the company should keep watch on the possible economic expansions in the wider market, as well as the likely impact of restricted spending that has been predicted with regard to the future of the leisure activities. The market in Florida, especially along the bounds of Coral Gables has an untapped potential, which therefore means that Pat Fitness and Weight Control Centre can take advantage of this opportunity to target as many customers as possible. The existing fitness centers are eight catering for a population of about 230,000 people. It is certain that if this center applies effective marketing strategies, it can attain a larger percentage of the market share, which would then contribute to an increase in its total revenues. It has also been identified that the centre will employ some promotional strategies such as the internet and brochures to market its products. These are effective strategies considering the fact that if adequately used can help target more customers.

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The fitness and weight control industry is regulated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States Food and Drug Administrations and the United States Department of Health and Human Services (Brian and Steven, 2006). These centers provide the standards and regulations that fitness and health care management clubs need to adhere to while providing their services to the customers. In addition, just like any other business, the centre is required to acquire a license from the concerned state officials in order to start its operations.

Dave Rodgers will act as the director of Pat Fitness and Weight Control Centre. He will be the overall manager of the operations of the centre. Dave holds a masters degree in physical education and health care management from the University of California. He is a great fanatic of health care matters and he has worked with different health care organizations such as the World Health Organizations. It is from this organization that Dave acquired his management skills, which he seeks to display through directing the operations of this new centre. He also served as a general manager at CBC Heart Disease Centre for a period of more than two years. Furthermore, he has also worked as a financial analyst for multinational health care organizations, such as DentiMax, Cypress Pharmaceutical Company and Coviden for more than five years. This is where he acquired some of his financial analysis skill, which therefore proves that he can manage the center effectively. Mike Kellan, a co-owner of Pat Fitness and weight control centre will be the sales manager. He is a holder of a master’s degree in sales and marketing from University of Texas. He has more than eight years experience in sales and marketing from global pharmaceutical companies such as Lincare Holdings, Gentiva Health Services and Caritas Christi. Dave and Kellan will run the top managerial positions within the centre, while other personnel, such as the trainer and the sales persons, will help in the day to day running of the centre. However,Pat Fitness and Weight Control Centre bankers will be decided at a later stage based on the need of practicability of the business. The centre’s advisor is the Miami Athletic and Wellness Centre. Furthermore, the centre will appoint a board of directors that will be entrusted with overseeing the centre’s operations in a fair, honest and diligent manner. In order to fulfill its obligations to the key stakeholders, the board will ensure that there is superior corporate governance. Besides, the board will be committed to guaranteeing the integrity of the centre’s system in its entire transactions with its prospective customers.

There are various risks the centre is liable to encounter during its operations. These risks range from the working environment to the provision of services to the customers. Some of the perceived risks the centre might encounter include fire resulting from the electrical faults, considering the fact that most of the equipment within the facility use electricity, theft, and risk of getting contagious diseases, especially to the trainers who have to freely interact with the customers. If not well managed, these risks may be of great threat to the centre as a whole. It is therefore necessary that the centre is insured against fire and theft, while its employees get a medical cover.

The centre seeks to establish a two storey building to accommodate all these activities. However, if there will be any need for expansion at a later stage, then the centre will construct another building. The site is ideal since initial surveys have already been conducted in an aim to determine the viability of the site.

Pat Fitness and Weight Control Centre will offer a wide range of services to its customers. These include boxing, aerobics, pilates, yoga, cycling, muscle training, along with other nutritional trainings that are meant to deal with diabetes and obesity control. This therefore means that the facility has to stock the equipment that will enable it offer these services. These include treadmills, muscle training machines, along with the training materials such as notebooks and pens. In addition, the centre intends to install the exercise facilities for cardio and aerobic. Other equipment required in the centre includes elliptical machines, strength equipment, stationary cycles, treadmills, free weights and stair-climbers. The centre will also require chairs, tables and computers to facilitate its daily operations.

Risk management offers the organization a step by step procedure for managing risks in an efficient cross-functional way. On the other hand, contingency plans are the strategies that are employed to avoid and prevent risks, which as a result help to reduce harms caused by the same. Some of the contingency plans include the provision of a good working environment for the workers to prevent such risks as falls, ensuring the all the machines within the centre are well fitted to prevent risks resulting from the electricity faults, while ensuring that all outlets are well fitted with emergency exits and fire extinguishers in case of fire risks. In most circumstances, the contingency plans are considered to be reactive risk strategies, as they seek to provide measures that could be applied to prevent the occurrence of an identified risk, along with the approaches that could be used to deal with the risks incase they happen. Basically, the contingency plans will detail: the techniques of identifying the causes of risks in order to manage the root causes instead of the symptoms; a suitable quantification of the main factors of a risk that enables the prioritization of risks without errors; along with the strategies and tools that give support to the implementation of an efficient risk management program (Brian and Steven, 2006). Additionally, the centre has to come up with the strategies that could help it identify the most reactive or critical risks. It is worth noting that reactive risks strategies are those which are employed by an organization to react to risks once they take place. Although they are considered to be a risk reduction strategy, they are deemed to be inefficient as they tend to treat the symptoms rather than the root causes of the same. Some of the reactive risk strategies that may be employed by the centre may include employing fire fighters incase of fires, and reduction strategies to prevent further impacts.

Financial management is a very significant organizational practice. This is considered by most business analysts as the science of managing money (Armstrong & Kotler, 2000). It encompasses managers planning income and expenditure and thereafter, making appropriate decisions that will allow a company to survive in the market financially. Financial management encompasses financial planning and budgeting, financial accounting, financial analysis, and financial decision-making. Managing finances enables a company to attain its overall objectives.

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The centre has set aside about $900,000 to cater for its startup expenses. However, the initial expenditures for Pat Fitness and weight control centre include such expenses such as promotions, consulting services, capital expenditures, personnel, and development. From the breakdown of these expenses, it is estimated that centre will incur about $824,000 to cater for its startup expenses. These startup expenses are summarized herein:

Expenses Amount in U.S $
Personnel 280, 000
Capital expenditures 140,000
Consulting services 80,000
Promotions 320,000
Research and Development 4000
Total expenses 824,000

The centre has broken down its financial year into three compartments, which therefore means that its sales projections are calculated after every four months.

The projected sales for the first financial year have been summarized below:

Sales forecast for the one year period in U.S $
1st period 2nd period 3rd period


10,000 members

25,000 members

30,000 members

Other sources of revenue

Training equipment- sales (with a growth rate of 15 percent after every four months)




20, 000



Total revenue 1,000,000 3,820,000 10,223,000

As per the summary above, sales forecast for the three periods increases at a high rate. This is caused by increased club membership, which may be as a result of high quality services offered by the centre to its customers at affordable rates, compared to what its competitors charge. It is also apparent that these sales exceed the operating expenses therefore, revealing that Pat Fitness and weight control centre will make net profits in its first financial year.

Profit and loss forecast for the one year period in U.S $
1st period 2nd period 3rd period

Total revenues

Total expenditure


Capital expenditure

Consulting services


Research and Development

Total expenses

Gross profits




























Net profit 154,880 2,730,200 8,283,440

Apart from the general expenses the business is expected to incur, there are also various personal expenses that will be incurred. Pat Fitness and weight control centre is owned by Kate Millan, who is not ready to take part in any managerial position of the centre. However, Millan has to spend some cash and establish her office, which has to be furnished with the necessary equipment. Furthermore, there are travel costs, food, house rent, considering the fact that she lives far from the centre, thus need to rent a house, along with the medical costs that have to be catered for.

Pat Fitness sand weight control centre intends to become an environmentally responsible centre as it seeks to ensure it monitors its services and practices in order to ensure that they do not degrade the state of the environment. However, it is worth noting that this is an environment friendly business practice considering the fact that most of its activities do not degrade the environment in any way. Nonetheless, dustbins will be located at strategic places to ensure the wastes are contained. These wastes will then be disposed off appropriately to ensure they do not contaminate the environment. In addition, the centre intends to launch an environmental awareness program that will be offered to the surrounding communities to ensure the environment is protected. The centre considers environmental responsibility an important practice as it strives to make the world a safer place for both the future and present generations. Additionally, the centre is aware of the duties and responsibilities it has towards its employees, customers, its key shareholders, as well as to the general public, and thus the need to conserve the environment for the benefit of all.

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Eco-sustainability is all about attaining the business targets, while ensuring the environment is cared for. To maintain an ecological balance, the centre will ensure its practices do not degrade the state of the natural environment in any way.

Marketing should not be viewed as a controlled process since it is prone to conceptual shifts, market volatility, political upheavals and natural disasters, just like any other plan (Armstrong & Kotler, 2000). For instance, many of the well-planned marketing efforts have not met the intended objectives, while others have as well attained lukewarm results, which gives a clear picture that there is need to adjust and alter with some of the aspects of the marketing plan in order to respond to the changing business environments. However, maximum benefits are guaranteed if proper implementation plans are established. The success of every marketing plan is the main determinants that will enable the company attain its profit or not. Coming up with good marketing plans is only the beginning; however, it is pointless to have a good plan if the company does not have the capacity to implement it.

The marketing plan can only be turned into a marketing action through the implementation process, which is defined as the daily activities that would turn the plans in actions that will aid the company attain the outlined objectives. Proper implementation of the marketing plan will certainly give the company a competitive advantage in the market compared to other companies having similar plans, and it would be more advantageous if the company has a better and faster execution mechanism in place. It is important to note that a marketing plan implementation is not a one-time process, but rather a gradual process that develops with the service or product being marketed, and continues until the product or service becomes stable in the market (Armstrong & Kotler, 2000). There are steps that need to be followed in order to ensure the plan yields positive outcomes. The centre is expected to start its operations in January next year.

However, the business premises have already been constructed and the installation of the machines and other necessary equipment is underway. As highlighted earlier, the financial status of the centre will be calculated after every four months, thus meaning that a year will be divided into three parts. The key reason for the division is to simply determine the viability of the business, and measure if it is attaining its objectives or not. The activities that will be undertaken include, identification of the target customers, marketing the services, nutritional trainings along with the community awareness programs. The implementation timetable is shown below;

Activity Time
Start of the centre’s operations January 2012
Identification of the target customers January and February
Customer subscriptions March
Implementation of the nutritional trainings April
Calculation of the initial sales April
Calculation of the 2nd period sales August
Calculation of the 3rd period sales December

It is apparent that, individuals who wish to start their own businesses are required to come up with business plans, which in essence act as guides and shows the way forward. Moreover, business analysts highlight having a business plan in place will enhance the attainment of success, however, it is not a guarantee of success. This paper has focused on preparing a business plan for Pat Fitness and weight control centre, a new entrepreneur business. This company is expected to start its operations in January 2012, and possibly make a successful entry into the fitness and weight control industry. Market research indicates that in the contemporary society, fitness and health care services are in great demand especially in the developed countries such as the United States. This is because most individuals in these countries, both children and adults, are at a higher risk of getting obesity and diabetes, which are some of the health related problems that are closely linked to unhealthy lifestyles.

Furthermore, these diseases translate into high costs to both the government and affected individuals in terms of treatment, thus most people are turning to fitness and health care centers as remedies. Starting a fitness and weight control centre in this region thus seems to be a viable undertaking as there is a wider target market. The business plan has focused on various aspects such as market segmentation, promotional mix, organization and management description, along with the financial management. All these aspects have provided an analysis of the various approaches the centre is intending to apply in order to reap its benefits, as well as the manner in which the centre will be managed. It is also worth noting that the centre will offer various services including gymnasium, muscle training, boxing, diabetes and obesity control, cycling and aerobics. These services will be offered in the most effective way possible to ensure sufficient satisfaction to the target customers and also assist in building a competitive advantage. Furthermore, the centre seeks to apply the low cost strategy to penetrate this industry, as well as attracting more customers. Form the above analysis, it is apparent that Pat Fitness and weight control centre will successfully penetrate into this industry and attain profits as indicated in the financial planning. The projected expenses, revenues and profits for the one-year period will assure the company’s financial stability.

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The centre will consider expanding its operations to other regions in future, as a way of increasing its sales. It will also consider increasing the range of services it offers to include other physical exercises such as spa and swimming pools in order to cater for the different customer tastes and preferences. Furthermore, the centre is intending to purchase modern and innovate machines in future that will ensure quality services are offered to the customers.



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