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Sources of sustainable development manifestations within the hotel environment were identified and compared to design decisions related to style and comfort in the hotel industries. A guest survey was developed based on a qualitative analysis of earlier investigations of sustainable development factors related to guest preferences. The survey instrument was developed to explain guest satisfaction of sustainability attributes and their overall experience with the hotel industry.

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Respondents were asked to indicate whether they were aware of the hotel’s sustainable practices prior to their stay, and if that knowledge influenced their decision to stay at the hotel. The instrument was developed to determine if hotels with implemented sustainable practices attract tourists. Guests were also asked to indicate if sustainable practices negatively or positively affected their stay. Their willing to return to the hotel was also asked. An open-ended question also was included to ask respondents for any other feedback they wanted to share. Since these questions were not directly related to the study, their analysis is not included.

Composing of grouped variables such as gender, age, reason for stay pleasure or business in response data, and the number of hotels were compared to analyze how sustainable development is being incorporated in the hotel industry. Statistical comparisons were made using analysis of variance tests. An analysis of the hotel hospitality, sustainable developmental experience and hotel satisfaction demonstrated positive results. Over 55% of guests expressed that the hotel experience and hotel satisfaction met or exceeded their expectations. Open-ended frequency analysis found 15 guests specified either that they had a great stay or great hotel experience.

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To allow inclusion of the maximum response data, it was necessary to recode some response items. In some cases, respondents reported several descriptive characteristics. They were decoded as follows: in instances where multiple ages of guests were provided, the mean age was used.

Analysis of the general guest satisfaction variables opened that most variables were rated as exceeding the guest’s prospects. For the drives of this analysis, a mean score is given along with a percentage breakdown of the extent to which the guest expectations were met. General guest satisfaction variables received an 59% or higher on the exceeded expectation scale and all of the variables received over a 3.5 mean score, this falls between meeting the guest expectations and being better than the guest expected. Investigation of the findings shows that 55% of guests agreed that the overall hotel hospitality exceeded their expectations. Guest satisfaction variables were given higher satisfaction scores.

Two-thirds of the respondents were aware of the sustainable development practices before their stay, and almost a half of those respondents indicated that those practices influenced their decision to stay there. All of those interviewees said they would consider another stay at the hotel if they were visited the same geographic area.

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Satisfaction of guests in hotels is remarkably important for its business to flourish. Pleasant sustainable practices and designs of a hotel cause increased loyalty, satisfaction and perception of a luxury experience. The essence of this study was to investigate sustainable development, consumer awareness of sustainable practices and the relationship that awareness has on influential purchasing of services of a hotel.

The values and attributes of a hotel and sustainability can be viewed as disagreeing; thus, do sustainable design elements of a hotel affect guest perceptions of comfort, style and luxury? 

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