McWorld and the Power of Resistance

Every human being has his needs, wants and desires. These three things contribute in bringing people together. In his book Jihad versus McWorld, Barber tries to justify how corporations invent customer's needs while manufacturing their desires. McWorld was a term coined to explain globalization and how the corporate world is trying to gain control of the political process, while Jihad is identified with traditional values in form of nationalism and religious orthodoxy; hence Benjamin Barber came up with a theory about the struggle between McWorld and Jihad (Benjamin, 1995). These are two different forces and at any time when they do collude resistance shall arise from the people.

McWorld aim is to work towards globalization. This involves the use of forces like capitalism which helps in the creation of human needs. The world has therefore been brought together by McWorld and been pulled apart by Jihad. Both get their strength from one another and none survives without the other (Benjamin, 1995). Corporations like Nike shoes, coca-cola and Gucci clothes lines produced products that bring together consumer of the world. Basically, corporations have invented our needs as well as manufacture our new desires so that we can continue consuming their products.

The internet is the fastest means of connecting people and bringing them together. The internet has aided in the fall of Jihad regimes in countries like Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen. People have been able to come together and fight tyrant regimes by using social networks like and The major corporations in the world are employing the use of the internet to reach out to their consumers.

A Company like MacDonald's has employed the service of celebrities to advertise business through; this has proved effective since high sales have been recorded after adoption of the new practice. The success of MacWorld is highly contributed and guaranteed by the constant use of the internet. Companies like Google, and have helped in bringing people together while corporations have taken advantage of this by advertising their good and service to the people. These corporations have been in a position of addressing the changing trends in consumer needs.



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