How to Capitalize on the Cupcake Boom

Question 1: What is the main idea of the article, “How to Capitalize on the Cupcake Boom?” Use text-based evidence to support your answer.

The primary focus of the article is how entrepreneurs can exploit the business opportunity presented by the cupcake boom. In order to achieve this, the author provides a step-by-step guide on how to start a successful cupcake business. In this regard, the first step is to embark on comprehensive research and be creative; this is because of the need for one to come up with signature cupcakes and unique decorating skills. The second step entails developing a business plan that integrates taste, marketing and location, which involves developing promotional materials, establishing the cake business name and a logo and finally marketing the business through avenues such as developing a website for the business. The last step entails launching the business, which begins by hiring employees sharing the same vision, who are able to multi-task, have problem solving skills and can represent the cupcake business in a professional manner.

Question 2: Analyze how the information in the text box, “Cupcake Craze: Why Do We Love Our Cupcakes?” connects to your understanding of the article. Use text-based evidence to support your answer.

It is apparent that article emphasizes on the opportunity available in the cupcake business. The author justifies this assertion by highlighting the reasons why people like cupcakes. Such information is outlined in the text box. A direct link can be established between people’s cupcake craze and the business opportunity emphasized by the researcher. Evidently, the information in the text box supports the thesis of the article, which is “capitalizing on the cupcake boom.” In this regard, facts presented in the text box serve to affirm an opportunity in the cupcake business that entrepreneurs can exploit by following the steps pointed in the article.

Question 3: Extend beyond the text. What information in the article would be important to you if you were going to start a “cupcakery”? Use text-based evidence to support your answer.

The important information in the article with respect to starting a “cupcakery” business relates to the development of a business plan. It is undeniable that the latter serves as a blueprint for starting any business. Concerning this, Alice Springer has provided comprehensive information on what it to include. For instance, the author stresses on the need to come up with a name and logo for the cupcake company, which should be placed on business cards, brochure and the website for the business.



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