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Advantage of a City Life

Life in a city undoubtedly has a number of benefits. This is evidenced by the large number of people, what is also a distinctive characteristic of most cities. Inarguably, the population density of cities is much greater than that of small towns. This is a clear indication of the presence of an attractive element that makes cities an ideal place to live, thereby drawing in the large population. Numerous employment opportunities, better facilities and infrastructure as well as diversity in culture and trends are the key advantages of life in a city.

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To begin with, cities offer a wide range of job opportunities for employment seekers. It is for this reason that people are constantly migrating from small towns to cities in search of better opportunities. A large population of people creates a demand for a wide array of services. This, in its turn, creates jobs for a good percentage of the population. These services in demand range from education, healthcare, security, building and construction among others. At the same time, cities also offer a large and diverse work force for employers in general.

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With regards to facilities, cities tend to be more advanced in terms of health, education and even entertainment. The biggest schools and hospitals including referral hospitals are usually located in the city. The reasoning behind this is that to adequately support the massive population of a city, it is mandatory to build first class facilities that are big enough to match the service demand. Further, there is better infrastructure in cities as compared to small towns in terms of transport networks and sometimes even the communication networks. The main sports stadia and other entertainment arena are also located in the city, and these facilities are regarded as another positive aspect of a life in the city.

Lastly, cities are usually an embodiment of diversity and this has proven to be an ideal feature. Granted, a city attracts people from all walks of life with different ethnic, social and religious backgrounds. All these people meet and learn to co-exist peacefully within the limited space available. This has proven to be a beneficial aspect of a city life since it cultivates a culture of tolerance to what may sometimes be new and apparently very foreign culture. This is unlike small towns, where often the behavioral traits of people are curved around a conservative mindset with regards to what is acceptable in that town. The diversity in cities therefore allows for new and emerging trends and ensures that life in the city remains lively and dynamic.

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 In conclusion, the advantages of a city life cannot be over-emphasized. As highlighted, cities offer more lucrative employment opportunities both for job seekers and job creators. The presence of well developed facilities and other social amenities also make cities a much more attractive place to live. Lastly, the diversity offered by a city in terms of culture and emerging trends make it the ideal place to live, and for me these advantages buttress my preference to a life in the city as opposed to a more restricted life in a small town.

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