Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Movie Review

The movie Abraham Lincoln the vampire hunter is acted on the basis of a novel by a similar name written by Grahame Seth. The movie posits civil war period in a different way in order to reveal to the modern society that most of the slave owners in the South were man eaters while in the Northern part fought for freedom of the black people and for the freedom from the vampires that slaved them. The obvious parallels that exist between the views of the modern contemporary ownership of slaves and victims of vampire; the relationship of slave owners and the film is played in a strong theme that is amusing and in a fashion that is entertaining (American Film Institute).

The movie will amuse you by the way actors incorporate the historical details and the narrative are woven in to bring out the “ninja” like Abe who is portrayed by the screen as Walker Benjamin as he spins the silver axe blurring fast to kill the hordes of vampires. The splendid effects and ingenious visuals and audio occasionally made the drama into a sketched storyboard. The individual gifts and talents are highlighted by Bekmambetov, the director and Burton Tim the producer. The action begins with lincoln, (Lux Haney) who was working with the father at the dock. The parents are taken to the boat as the son (Curtis Harris) who later takes the role as a grown up. When he is shoved down and beaten. The young Abe goes to rescue him and he was beaten too. The dad intervenes, the slaves owner and the general (MartonCsokas stops the drama and he threatens Tom that he would have his vengeance which he later accomplishes by killing their mother (Robin McLeavy) who acts as Nancy,on the watch of Abe as he peeks through the slats of the bed (Taylor).

Abe is infuriated and he acquires a life’s mission of revenge. Lincoln swears in vengeance and he starts on a life mission to destroy all the vampires that had been causing death and destruction in the society. Fortunately he meets a charismatic and mysterious Henry who teaches Lincoln how to fight and to hunt vampires. This resulted to an entertaining part of the movie. Abe learns how to take all of his anger, hate and all his strength into destroying the vampire kingdom. At one point we see how he angrily cuts a tree with his silver axe in one throw, his desire and passion to kill all the vampires was burning inside him; he turns to be a powerful vampire killer (Taylor).

As the years go on, Lincoln was motivated into politics and he had a strong believe that he would bring change to the mankind, and that he would be a better and greater ruler than the assassins who lead the society into their graves. The Lincoln’s election was followed with the signing of Emancipated Proclamation together with abolishment of slavery among the people in the society (Watson 7). The important issue is that we are shown how the political change impacted on the vampires’ community where the leaders were driven by their own interests of practicing slavery that they termed lawful in order to maintain a high number of them for feeding the vampires and attain the immortality powers that came along with being vampires that ensured that they remained in power. These problems resulted to the setting of a movie that was showed how Lincoln together with his government tore down the governance of the slave owners and vampires.

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The vampires were monstrous; strong, savage, fast and being in a position not to be seen or recognized. We could view the vampires as symbol of inhumanity that existed during the time of President Lincoln and more so, to those that advocated for slavery practices. The worthy of such a plot and concept lose its value when it is dialed in a comic film full of violence and the action gets to its maximum. The political concept is easier to accept and the racially charged plot is convenient and provocative storyline hunter who searched for vampires was hanged or there was an attempt to kill him, this was very disturbing news among the people. (Watson 4).

The scripting of the slavery as a horror movie proves to be a troubling story as it is representing the historical conflict in “peculiar institution” as an un-complex battle between the good and the evil. Many people from the Northern community profited from the slavery business and slavery activities while many were indifferent of the fundamental denial of the human rights especially for the Black race. The real horror about the movie is the fantasy that Lincoln awakens in the human race that kind of racism is easy to outdo. The movie speaks indirectly to our desires of eradicating the enduring social problems that were hard to die. The end of slavery came about as a result of a few decisive whacks that were from the legendary silver axe, this means that historical change requires legislative enforcement and painful change in disbelief and attitudes that are brought about by the abolishment and civil war that claimed more human lives than the number of the vampires that met the sharpened edge of the Abe’s axe. Besides, one cannot kill which that is already dead, vampires are the walking dead. The movie has simplified the answer to the most difficult and systematic social problems that the society faced during the President Lincoln era, it is well know that the he was not a goliath slayer (Castronovo 7).

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There is much similarity between these two movies; the Abraham Lincoln: the vampire hunter and the Lincoln 2012. Lincoln is a drama that is based on the bibliography of the president Lincoln during his last four months of life as he tries to bring into approval of the 13th amendment in order to abolish slavery and civil war. The film covers the iconography of Americana. The movie deeply engages the historical difficulties. The movie is talky and is full of information.

The movie acknowledges the exercises President Lincoln during civil war to Emancipation Proclamation. Lincoln is greatly concerned with how he would gather more vulnerable votes from the democratic sides in order to the 13th amendment to be passed. The movie brings into our attention how Lincoln was ready to use all the necessary measures available to redeem the Black society and end the slavery activities. The movies is full of cheeky dark humor by Lincolns surrogates including the state secretary David Strathairn and the democratic and funny blunt, James Spader who supported Lincoln in labor to pressure the votes to fall in favor of him. The great support for bringing into an end of the slavery activities and the whole nation was highly motivated in engaging in the war that would give them freedom from the immortal ruling. The war against the vampires resulted to many human deaths a number almost to six hundred. The film considers Lincoln to be a hero who brought an end to the inhuman activities of the vampires (The un-affliated critic).

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In working together the team was able to attain the freedom they longed for that works and being led by Lincoln to amendment the laws; it was a delightful group of people and the film is set to show the emotional events that took place in those early days of history. Tommy lee acts as the abolitionist Congressman Stevens is seen to almost star in the movie, and may be they would have allowed him. He is the people’s representative although it is revealed in the movie that he does not like them at all and he really campaigned for racial equity among the people. He was an interesting character and in most of the time that I was watching the movie I almost wished that I was watching his bibliography for he is complicated and he has the motivation that is full of surprises.

In the two movies it is clear that cinematic experience has changed overtime. The filmmakers are now in a position to tell more complex stories, this is ignited by the picture motion development which is driven by the ever continuing evolution of technology and manipulated and ignited by the inventiveness and initiative of the human nature. The evolution has facilitated the development of various styles, methods and movements that would have been difficult or impossible to make without the advanced apparatus. Although the evolution of technology has empowered the filmmakers and has offered a more diverse catalogue of equipment and tools, the filmmakers ability and the discerning utilization of the technology with a societal and temporal contexts that fully drives the better quality of the cinema of which there has been no linear progression.

Although there is film progression which is facilitated by the sophisticated technology of film making, starting from the sound recording, to the editing and also use of advanced cameras .the innovative use of the unique and available cinematic tools have enabled a greater clarity in the narration of the story and character reliability. This shows a greater and clear evolutionary step which is driven by the human faculty and the disposability of the technology that has greatly influenced how stories are told. More over there is the representation of the actor such that he/she resembles the object and the role that he/she plays. In the two movies discussed above the Lincoln physical looks are made that he resembles the historical Lincoln that we might have seen in pictures. This is meant to connect the audience with the actor and to bring the past moments into life. The film looks real and the audiences are made to believe that whatever that is happening in the movie is true in order for the film to achieve it course. For example, in the horror movie of Lincoln when he kills vampires, we are connected emotionally with the actor and we are made to believe that those vampires in the movie should be killed. The thrilling effect is achieved and our mind are drawn into that historical moment when the slaves were the fed on by the vampire.

The digital copies of historical photographs and the audio recording are the best way to preserve and share the historical memories. It is possible to create and use the digital copies of historical information due to a wide range of technological knowledge. Handling of books and old journals may wear out with time. People are more entrained by movies other than reading old-fashioned books. The technology has made it easier for many people to access the history memories. However, the absence of focused and readable information could make it hard to come up with an enticing movie that is real and is informative. It could be very expensive to get and sample capturing information, but these few limitations have not been a constraint to the film makers anyway. What better way could be available especially in the modern world where internet is at the disposal at the single touch button? It is worth it anyway (Cohen and Rozenzwein 24).

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