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The brief description of the account gives the impression of the robbery that had taken place in a local store. However, closer look at the sequence shows the lack of information provided about what exactly had happened and, therefore, what might have transpired later. It can be safely stated there was an emergency, but the nature of emergency can only be assumed.

If we analyze the account closely, there would be many questions left unanswered. For example: “A man walked into the store”. There are no specifications or description of this man, or whether there was anything particular about him. The next sentence does not make the picture clearer either. It just states that it was the end of the shift. The impression the reader gets is that the action takes place in the evening, at the end of the day, although, the end of a shift could be at other time as well. Besides, there is no explanation of whose shift it was and why it was significant. We can only assume this sentence is needed to create an impression of the end of a work day. The impression is further strengthened by the next sentence about the register that was full of money.

Then, “a man said give me all your money”. Is this the same man the first sentence talked about? Or is it different man? Who was the man addressing? Why? As to provide an answer to those questions, next action described suggests that the register was open. However, the impression that it was opened at man’s request is misleading. There are no claims about that. Maybe, the register was opened as a routine act when a customer was paying for his purchase. Again, the next sentence hints that an armed robbery is taking place, why would “owner panic” otherwise? However, there might be more reasons for the owner to panic. Besides, is the sentence really talking about store owner? “There were screams”, again, misleadingly suggests that people in the store might be threatened or hurt, however, the sentence does not even mention, where “there” were screams. Maybe, they were coming from outside because something had happened there. That would explain somewhat why did a man ran out, although it is still unclear who exactly ran out? A man, mentioned in the first sentence, an owner, or, maybe, any male customer?

So the short story leaves too many details untold and, therefore, there is much room for possible interpretation. In the case it was a robbery, possible course of action is the police arriving at the scene and chasing a man.

On the other hand, maybe the full story goes like this: A man walked into the store with his young daughter, who carried her saving and wanted to buy a present for her brother. It was the end of the cashier’s shift; the registered was full on money, which had to be accounted for. So, when the little girl chose what she wanted, they had to wait at the register for the new shift to begin. The father wanted to help the little girl to count her coins so he told her “give me all your money”. Then, the register was opened to put the money inside. At that moment security reported some commotion by the car parked close to the store entrance. There were screams coming from outside. The car’s owner panicked. A man ran out of the store. Most likely, the police would arrive to the scene as well. 

Consumer Behavior. Custom Consumer Behavior Essay Writing Service || Consumer Behavior Essay samples, help

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