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Remember, you will never deserve high grades by showing your love to a family member who passed away long time ago, telling about your great abilities to play the great game or how lucky you were to avoid some dangerous situation. Your teacher wants to assess your ability to concentrate on one peculiar incident– be it some kind of a routine or something memorable. He wants you to tell it in a way that catches reader’s attention.

  1. Check your assignment twice
    • If your task is to write about one peculiar experience, provide a list with a certain number of interesting facts (with or without reflection) will not be of big value.
    • If your task is mood creation or reader’s persuasion, or a change description, in such case a number of accurate, interesting and not really connected facts will not be of great value.
  2. Try to be more specific. Regarding the following, that sounds more interesting
    • “There is a big number of things which come to my mind when I try to remember what I did on my winter holidays”
    • “On the five-mile walk from my uncle’s tent to the river, I expected to enjoy the views of nature, but I did not expect to feel tiresome and get lost in the woods.”
  3. In order to be more specific, expect that at least the first third of your first draft will be cut
    • If you are like most of the people, you will certainly start overload your paper with unnecessary words before you find some real idea for your paper. Do not get frustrated as it is normal process of paper writing.
    • It is incorrect to include in your paper sentences like “I do not know how to start”, “I do not know what to write about”, etc.
      • Correct sketch: “There are many methods to respond to issue X. (Details regarding X.) Some individuals can select option A. (Details regarding A.) While others can select option B. (Details regarding B.) If I had to select, I would select option C. (And, the paper finally has a beginning.)”
      • Direct: “Option C will help to solve issue X, for the reason that…”

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It Is Important to Provide Specific Details

If your strict professor requires you to write a personal essay paper, rather than submit a boring list of every single detail you are able to recollect on a peculiar subject, try to awake reader’s interest, and deliver a supported, clear incident that depicts to your readers the type of experience you had.

Selecting the topic about illness or death of a pet or even a relative, or about big game account can make it simpler for you to describe the emotions you are trying to express. If the writer is required to express his emotions, he can easily forget about the readers’ needs.

So, be careful with the emotions list: “I will not forget how threatened I was.” (If your aim is emotional thoughts, your obligation as a personal essay writer is not just to retell your readers about the facts, but tohelp the readers to feel the same emotions you experienced)

It may happen that the topic you are talking about is very important for you not due to the fact that it is only one big moment, but because it is a part of your routine life. Maybe it is a thing which you have never tried to examine in such details.

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