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We have all been students and we have all had the experience of an essay deadline with no time to complete it without some help. One of the most important tools available is to obtain a “working example” of a paper on our topic and, from it, figure out how to approach the topic ourselves. The important thing to remember is this: there are thousands of sites on the web that offer essays and papers for sale, but they are not all reliable and reputable. They will sell you papers that are of very poor quality, written by individuals who do not use correct formats or grammar, or those that are completely plagiarized and/or sold so many times, anyone, including your instructor can find them quite simply.

It is normal for instructors to use a variety of software tools to search for plagiarism. Fortunately for you, SupremeEssays.com has the same software, and completes this process before selling an essay or paper to anyone. When an author provides us with any type of academic work, we immediately scan it for plagiarism and, if none is found with our software, none will be found by your instructor either. We then place an icon on the work (PaperSafe) that informs a purchaser that it is safe to use content from this work in their own writing. He or she has received a “fresh” piece, not a paper or essay that has been “out there,” used by others or, worse, completely plagiarized from a published source. You also have the option of selecting your state in order to determine how many others in your state have accessed this specific piece as a resource for their own writing.

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What does a “ PaperSafe Certified Essay” Mean?

Any essay with the PaperSafe icon next to it means this: we have scanned it for plagiarism, using the most sophisticated plagiarism-detection software available. It is the same software that instructors might use. If it passes our scan then it cannot be found elsewhere on the Internet by anyone else either. If you should find an essay or paper you like and it does not have the icon, you can add this option during the checkout process. We will begin the process immediately, and you will be notified with 48 hours of the results of the scan. If, indeed, the scan determines that the piece is available elsewhere or is plagiarized, you will receive a 100% refund of the purchase price. PaperSafe is the one feature of our company that separates us from the other academic writing brokers. If they cannot guarantee the “safety” of the work being sold to you, then you should not purchase it. Come to SupremeEssays.com for assurance and peace of mind.

How am I Protected from Receiving a Work of Low Quality that Is Available somewhere Else?

You should understand that the only written essays and papers we allow to be placed for sale on our site (we have a “usage policy” you can access) are original, placed there by the original author, who guarantees that he or she has not placed the work on any other site nor made it available to any other individual or organization, except as an original assignment submitted only one time. We then review the work for quality and plagiarism, prior to approving it for sale on our site. It would be important for you to read both our “Usage Policy” and our “Buyer Safety” material for additional information on these matters.

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If I am Unable to View the Entire Work Prior to Purchase, How can I Be Guaranteed of Getting a Product of Good Quality?

It is almost impossible to guarantee that an essay or paper you purchase will meet your requirements and specifications exactly and entirely. The goal is to find a work that treats your topic, encompasses the themes or concepts you have indicated and matches the criteria you have selected. The sample portion you are viewing is shown to give you a solid glimpse of the style and quality of the writer. Along with the short sample you are given to read, you will also see additional descriptive information about the work, and this will provide a better idea of its usefulness to you. The summary of the work, along with the background information on the author will provide even more information to you. For example, if you are a graduate student looking for a work on Reconstruction, you will probably not want to purchase a piece written by a high school freshman. Or vice versa

When will I Receive My Paper

Immediately! Once you buy the essay or paper, it will be automatically “dropped” into your “essay bin” in the control panel of your account.

What Happens if I Buy a Work which I Find Inappropriate?

If the seller has misrepresented his work, or if the essay has been PaperSafe verified and is then found somewhere else on the internet, we will provide an immediate refund. Such a situation rarely occurs, however, because our selection and investigation process is so very thorough and rigorous. Again, you may check the “Usage Policy” for additional information on this matter.

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How can I Purchase a Paper?

Before you even start looking for an essay or paper, you should create a user account with us. This is the place to which any essay you purchase will go, and it is then available for full viewing and downloading. The control panel for your account has a variety of features, including the management of your profile, any essays for sale, your funds, and much more. Once you have established your account, you look for papers you want. There are many ways to easily search for papers – by keyword, topic, subject, type, and, of course educational level. You can place multiple essays in your cart and then view the samples from them before deciding which one(s) to actually purchase. Once you have selected a paper for purchase, you then proceed to checkout for the purchase phase. After you have completed the payment process, via credit card, you need only return to your personal account to find the complete work(s) you have purchased. It belongs to you now and you may do with it what you will. Most find that the most efficient method of thoroughly reading the work and deciding which parts of it to use, is to copy and paste the entire work into their word processing program, saving them on their own computer

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At SupremeEssays.com, you will find most any type of academic writing you may need – term papers, book reports, research and report papers, theses and essays of all types (persuasive, descriptive, narrative, creative, cause/effect, comparison/contrast, etc.) – all original and all offered for sale exclusively by SupremeEssays.com. Our reputation is well established, and we rely on “word of mouth” advertising. Spread the word to all your fellow students and friends. We are the premier source for essays and papers!

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