They are passionate and dedicated in their craft. Majority of our custom research paper writers holds a bachelor’s degree in different disciplines. We have specialized custom research paper writers in diverse disciplines and even doctorate degree holders. We will assign a writer who will be able to research and be knowledgeable on your given specifications. Our custom research paper writers follow a strict writing procedure that will guarantee you of a high quality essay. All our custom research paper writers have one thing in common: years of academic writing experiences.

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After a custom paper is written, it will be forwarded to an editor and a proofreader. They have years of experience in doing their job. Most of them are English professors who will detect any errors that are made by the custom research paper writers. The essay will be run through an anti-plagiarism software to make sure that the custom research paper writers and the editors have done their job. We take pride in our work!

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We have a department that is exclusively devoted to our customers. We will do our best to serve you. Should you have any queries or feedback, contact our customer service support. Our live chat is available 24/7.

For return and new customers, offers an opportunity to select from the 20 featured academic custom research paper writers of the company. These are the most experienced custom research paper writers. If you ordered with us before, liked the style of the writer and would like your next order to be completed by this expert as well, just let us know their ID in the order form. This type of opportunity also comes at hand for those who advise our services to friends or colleagues. New customers can choose from featured custom research paper writers as well, if you simply mention the writer’s ID while placing the order. We charge additional fee which will amount to 5% of the entire order cost. This part of payment will be forwarded directly to the writer as bonus compensation for completion of your research paper. If you do not specify the preferred writer’s ID, the administrator will assign the most qualified one for the topic of your paper.


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