Top 30 Topics for Argumentative Research Paper

It seems a bit easy to find out the argumentative research paper, but tough job to formulate. There are thirty possible topics for being explored. You’ll be interested in at least one of these topics.  

Erroneous belief of Afrocentrism 
Argument over child modeling 
The root of all evil is not the Money 
Anti-Semitism in the today’s world
The right age to drink 
Corporal punishment 
Sport and doping: possible misunderstandings 
Do we discussed regarding feminism that much?  
Extended breastfeeding: cons and pros 
Incest: why this love is prohibited?
Food safety training along with its conclusions
Do child advocacy is effective enough?  
Control of U. S. border: the insight.  

Gays in military
Adaptation of a child by a gay family 
Your state’s minimum wage 
The impact of Gold Rush on native communities of the California 
Issues of Native American sovereignty 
The Pledge of Allegiance: possible problems 
Action of military against terrorism: Is it effective?  
War. But Why?  
Pornography’s legality all across the world 
War tax: to pay, or to resist?  
Who are responsible behind Homelessness?
Legalized prostitution 
Premarital sex considered as a problem in the American society.  
Shorter work weeks 
Tolerance for naturism and nudism 
Video games: Is it leisure, or abuse?  
What is happening at the zoo?  

Even though research paper is not the extremely toughest assignment in the academic field, but it still requires a plenty of time for its preparation!
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