Top 25 Ideas Regarding Persuasive/Argumentative Essay Topics

Deciding a specific topic for a persuasive essay? Really a tough job! We are offering you a top 50 suggestions list for your argumentative essays topics no matter it’s your very first experience in argumentative essay writing, or you’re seeking some fresh ideas. Good Luck!

Is it good to use animals for scientific researches?  
Should the death penalty be obligatory for all the murderers, or only for those who manage to murder even they are in prison?  
Do we carry right for exhuming prominent people’s bodies and transfering them from one to another place?  
Naked, far better compared in furs?  
Was execution of Saddam Hussein and necessary point for the foundation of democracy in Iraq?  
Should men be permitted for having more than one wife?  
Plastic surgeries: a method for becoming more beautiful, or is an unhealthy idea?  
Cutting off the right hand of theft in some Asian countries, is it the best way out?  
Discussion about some major issues (Iraq, marijuana, abortion, sex, etc).  
Why atheists need to tolerate the religion, while religion people don’t tolerate atheists?
Era of “sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll”: whether or not the era was significant?  
Whose side you prefer? Vegetarians vs. Meateaters.  
Why it’s okay to talk about sex, but embarrassing to talk about cheating?  
What you consider about Kazimir Malevich’s “The Black Square”, if you’re not in “the mass”?  
Do you desire having a cosmetic surgery?  
Is it significant to discuss about the contraception in the open area?  
Prettiest girls: In which country you can find them?  
Prove that actual smartness is gained by blondes.  
Do you agree with the statement-“USA’s image has become negative? ” 
What is your opinion regarding the gay marriage?  
Being Skeptical: Is it helpful? {t_essay_3} 

The town was relatively small when you migrate here. Now since the town is expanding, your parents are considering migrating to a calmer place. However, you have such a friend here that you don’t want to leave.  
A skinny girl, who is a good friend of yours, is now thinking for losing a few pounds. Explain her about the disadvantages of losing more weight in her health.  
One of your friends is going to fail his finals. He will be expelled from his university if he fails. You know that he can’t study as it is required for becoming passing the exam, but he is feeling very depressed and does not wish to do anything. Revitalize his faith into himself by following him to study.  
A local political organization reacts brutally against the government acts as a consequence of political instabilities. You’re aware that the party is extremely dangerous. However, your friend wants to be involved on the same party after becoming inspired by them. Explain him regarding the possible results of getting inside something which is not trustworthy.  

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