Wedding Dresses History

Wedding dresses have always been elegant pieces of dresses to wear over the years. The dresses have been there for a long period of time. They can be traced back to the days when gorgeous brides would wear their best outfits to display the charm and elegance of her family in a wedding. The Greece version of a wedding dress was more sophisticated and charming. The bride’s dresses were decorated with a pair of two clasps that made their brides to stand out in the crowds.

The dress that however changed and set a trend to the modern version of dressing was first worn by Queen Victoria who was 20 years old when she was planning her wedding. Her wedding was one that would cause ripples in the world of weddings. The wedding which was highly publicized formed the modern trend of wearing a gown and a veil as a wedding dress (Larkin, 1840). In those times the bride was supposed to wear a white dress. The cost of buying the dress was however out of reach for many.

However in the latter years of 19th century, young women could afford to buy white dresses since the material was affordable. The availability of the wedding dress fabric also made it possible for the dress to spread across various locations (Otto, 1997). As the 20th century was approaching the trend of wearing wedding dresses was spreading at an exorbitant rate.

The modern times have witnessed great sophistication in the type of wedding dresses that are designed. The dresses of the modern times are much more elegant and charming but this will mostly depend on the financial situation that the involved couples are in. The dresses are also custom made for the customer and nowadays a bride does not to wear a white dress like in the old days.

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