The Post-Cold War Era

The Medical or Medicare Program covers the medical expenses of the elderly, disabled and veterans. The Program has different levels of operation which in turn determine the types of benefits to be received by the beneficiaries. Their funding is equally from government taxes.

The Group Workers comes into two major divisions that are the workers compensation and the unemployment insurance. The workers Compensation is designed to protect employees who experience some injuries while on work. This covers a percentage of the medical costs and also the lost wages during the time of injury. If disabled then the family receives some income for sustainability. On to the employers side the insurance helps them to protect themselves from lawsuits initiated by the injured employee (Gaddis 2011). Most unemployment programs have a limit of 26 weeks. The state is bestowed with the responsibility of determining the legibility of the claim by reviewing the work and earnings history (Cowley 2006).

Under very close scrutiny, I sense that although most Americans have in mind that the government need to assist those incapable of helping themselves; this is not the case with the medical and social security where individuals have contributed over time and this should not be considered an aid, but personal savings. According to the urban institute these programs assist people before they fall into poverty and with the rise in unemployment rate, these programs come in handy (Bodden 2007).

An example where these programs helped was the financial crunch of 2007 and 2008 that left most Americans jobless and with no proper housing. Since most of the programs are seen as favor in terms of aids to people with a lot of dependency, it may lead to stereotyping of recipients as lazy and immoral.



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