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The Harlem Renaissance

As for me, justification of Harlem Renaissance is quite hectic, and this implies to other Americans across the continent. However, it is pivotal  that the development caused major changes in America’s culture and industrialization. The growth of Harlem, which had begun as early as the 1870s, was a by-product of the expansion of New York’s commercial and industrial activity. At the turn of the century, the construction of new underground lines connecting Harlem with the downtown business centers became rampant. All Americans and I believe that Harlem Renaissance was the most important period in twentieth-century African American intellectual and cultural life.

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I suppose that the art of the machine age signified the modernist European culture that was imminent in New York. Precisionists developed this Machine culture in the region. Although many European artists had demonstrated interest in burgeoning technology, Americans generally seemed more captivated by the prospects of a mechanized society than Europeans did (Ogbar, 2010). A number of events signaled the beginnings of the Harlem Renaissance. The first took place in music, as the blues and jazz made their way from cities such as Memphis, St. Louis, and New York—specifically Harlem. Originally it was founded by W.C. Handy in collaboration with other musicians. The blues emerged at the end of the nineteenth century and became popular afterwards. The significance of the jazz and blues was to educate the Americans on the importance of change and industrialization among them (Schaefer, 2003).

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Following this, one would ask: who were the key figures that spearheaded the success of Harlem Renaissance? Personally, there were three distinct figures, among the many, that stirred my emotions concerning their contribution. They include Washington Booker, Fitzgerald Ella, and Louis Armstrong. Washington created the well-known ideology that characterized the Harlem Renaissance. Currently, the society articulates to this ideology when reviewing Harlem history. Fitzgerald played a key role as a renowned jazz vocalist, while Armstrong was a jazz singer and trumpeter (Schaefer, 2003).

Efforts to define precisely the nature of the literary, poetic and artistic creativity of the Harlem Renaissance may be frustrating. There was no common literature style or political ideology associated with the movement. As such, it was an identity far more than an ideology or a literary or artistic school.This identity is much stronger among writers and poets than among musicians and performers.

I believe that the machine age painting enhanced the development of the current modern paintings that are exhibited in the society. The initial paintings were focused on the work already done, but the advent of machines recognized the inner beauty of paintings. People tend to incline on subjective experience rather than objective one (Ogbar, 2010). On the other hand, in an attempt to enhance development of film as a mass cultural industry there were instigated branding strategies. Hollywood studio system enhanced the promotion and sale of the wares and films. The produced films were not acquainted with the public; therefore, there was a need for exposure and their sale.

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I can argue about the factthat both the American and European films posit high affinity to attract viewers across the world due to their thematic expression. However, the difference arises from the inventiveness of these films. European films tend to be ingenious and full of varieties unlike the American films, which are  unimaginative. In addition, American filmmaking concentrated on defined geographical situation, while their counterparts were modest in size and geographically fragmented. I believe that these changes could not have been achieved, if it was not for the Harlem Renaissance. 

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