Major Changes after the Civil War

The post provided indicates that there have been three main achievements of the radical government in the south after the Civil War (Riddleberger, 2009). According to the author, first change is the tremendous growth of industrialization that began after the Civil War. These industries included cotton, tobacco, as well as iron. The processes in these industries were markedly enhanced by the railroad system developed by the southern government from funds received from the Reconstruction program that was initiated by the federal government. The second achievement was the establishment of voting rights in 1866. The radical republicans took over the south, and during this time, the black voting increased. In addition, the black had an opportunity to hold offices. This enabled the black voters not only to understand the political leadership but also had the opportunity to participate in activities, in the public office (Perman, 2004).

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The other achievement after the Civil War was the educational improvements made by the southern governments. This improved the literacy levels, particularly in the south among whites and the blacks, as well. Literacy levels were enhanced by the creation of free public education systems. Before the civil war, there were very few students attending schools. Thus, the southern government contributed much to the changes experienced. In spite of these achievements, slavery and the pace of the class system in the society continued to advance (Chandler Davidson and Bernard Grofman, 2008). During this time, the opponents of slavery were affected and consoled themselves to the disappearance of slavery. Hence, at this point of time slavery was reduced. Thus, these issues were presented and would; therefore, automatically lead to a gradual transition from slavery to free labor. Such an economic revolution, particularly in the South managed to maintain the sovereignty unimpaired for approximately sixty years.

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