History of the U.S.

Although the history of the United States is dated back to 1776, when it became independent, many events that can’t go unmentioned had taken place. Up to 1607, U.S. was occupied by the Native Americans. It was under the rule of Spanish empire. Several settlement attempts had been made by Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Walter Releigh, but had been unsuccessful. It is after the fall of the Spanish Armada in 1588 that the English investors and adventurers began to come in. At first, they came in as missionaries, but with hidden intensions of colonizing the natives.

In 1604, America and Europe signed a peace agreement. This indicated the strong links that had developed between these two countries. In 1606, the English divided America into two colonies; North Virginia, which was reserved for merchants and fishermen, while South Virginia was for investors and settlers. This opened up way for more settlers. They came in large numbers but found life very unforgiving. More than one third of their total population died from typhoid, fever, malaria and dysentery due to the effect of winter. They also discovered that tobacco which was a cash crop was quickly deteriorating the soils and they could soon loose on crop farming. A large number of the settlers fled to Holland. Meanwhile, the fishermen in North Virginia quietly developed and established the Plymouth colony in 1620.As time went on, the puritans came in and the royal charter allocated them a place in Massachusetts in 1629.In 1932, a settlement was established in Maryland by the Catholic.

The English rule continued to expand and in 1664, the New Amsterdam was captured. In between 1756-1763, there was an English civil war that barred the French from finding their way into America. By this period, the English had taken over and they were in control of virtually everything. In 1768, they introduced stamp act, which faced resistance and was therefore removed. In 1773, they introduced indirect taxes; this also faced opposition and didn’t last. The Americans were now feeling very unsecured under the hands of the British. They prepared for war and in 1776, the U.S. was declared independent.

In conclusion, the U.S. political, religion, social and economic developments are all rooted in the past and therefore, in my own view the history should be back dated to 1607.



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