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April 1989

April 1989 was an amazing time in the history of the world. This is because it also forms the year that I was born besides other historical events that transpired during that period. Research establishes myriad events from that period, and these ranges from shifts in political dimensions, world affairs, economy, news headlines, and shifts in the world of sports. For instance, many occurrences transpired in the world of sports, in the United States. According Lawson, Armbruster, & Cox (2010), April 1989 forms a period when the eighth NCAA women’s Basketball Championship took place, which pitted Tennessee as the best team against Auburn. In addition, Hulk Hogan managed to take down Macho Man at Wrestle mania V that was hosted at Trump Plaza. In world happenings, news indicate that this is the period when the 1,100,000,000th Chinese was born, and 95 people crashed to death in Sheffield Stadium, in England, among other happenings. Thus, this research paper explicates events from April 1989.

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Several events made headlines in the political front in April 1989. Firstly, there was a demonstration in Beijing by students advocating for democracy. Another demonstration took place on the 21st of April, which comprised of many Chinese descendants who assembled into Beijing’s Tiananmen Square urging on students who were advocating for greater political freedom. Lawson, Armbruster, & Cox (2010) intimate that the protests by the Chinese students made headlines on the world political front as it advanced for several days until the 27th of the same month when the students managed to take over Tiananmen Square in China. Secondly, Zimbabwe made a great deal of history by gaining independence on April 18, 1989. This also marked the month when the second government of Lubbers fell.

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In reference to world affairs, my research establishes that a Soviet sub sunk in Norwegian Sea. Several deaths were recorded regarding the incidence. This also formed the time when Mary Hart, who worked with Entertainment Tonight, tied the knot with Burt Sugarman. Mike Tyson also hit the headlines severally during this period as he stroked a parking lot attendant for over speeding charges. In other news, this formed the period when the Soviet-US agreement took place that consented on Soviets fighting for US pros. 19th of April was made as the Republic Day in Sierra Leone, and a hurricane in Bangladesh resulted in the deaths of more than 450 people.

This period also saw several transformations on the economy. Historychalk & Glamfamily (2000) allude that the then largest lottery in North America, which was worth $69 M, was drawn in Illinois. A raise was also effected on the maximum New York state unemployment benefits. This was raised to 245 per week (Historychalk & Glamfamily, 2000).

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In conclusion, no information is available regarding deaths and births of famous people during this time. However, a marriage between Mary Hart and Burt Sugarman is recorded. This was also a remarkable year for Zimbabwe, which attained its independence at this time. Regarding the economy, there was a rise in the maximum New York state unemployment benefit, which was placed at $245 a week. The then largest lottery in North America was drawn in Illinois and was worth $69 M.

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