The start of the 20th century was a decade that witnessed some of the most important events, which marked the century and still affect us today. The Wright brothers with their maiden flight launched the invention of the airplane and air travel which we enjoy to date. Henry Ford with his development of the Model-T brought about a revolution in the travel industry, as it led to the mass production of motor vehicles. Presently, motor vehicles affect all our lives, and they are instrumental in the road travel. Additionally, Albert Einstein’s relativity theory marked a huge milestone in the development of science and future inventions. In addition, that decade was marked by the development of silent movie. The First World War also took place during that time and affected the whole world. Moreover, the Zimmerman Telegram (1917) led to some crucial changes and determined the future of the whole world. These major events among other were important, as they influenced the way we live today.

After the intervention of the United States in 1919, the First World War ended. With the help of the American Expeditionary Forces or AEF, the United States was involved in the war in Europe against German forces, along with British and French soldiers. During the First World War, the United States suffered huge casualties, which included about 53,402 soldiers who died in the line of duty during the war, 63,114 non-combat deaths by American soldiers, and over 204,000 soldiers who were wounded in the battle. The battle led to a great number of deaths on both sides. The numbers of casualties caused during that war were over 35 million people with over 15 million deaths and the rest wounded. This also marked the United States taking a front position in global affairs and politics.



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