This essay describes Grimke Sisters, Anne Hutchinson, Elizabeth De Bathory, Vlade Dracula(Vlad III the Impaler),Gilles De Rais, St. Valentine, Julius Caesar and Saladin and their activities.

Anne Hutchinson

Anne was born on 17th of July 1951 in a small town called Alford in England and she was the second in a family of thirteen children. Her father was called Francis Mar bury who worked as a minister and her mother was called Bridget. She was born during the time that was characterized by many religious changes in England and she witnessed and became part of more changes in her life.

Anne was highly respected in the community because she was intelligent but she later got into problems due to her outspoken nature and religious views. Due to her fascination by complex theological issues, Anne started holding various meetings in her home which were attended by leading citizens including Governor Henry Vane. Through the meeting, she revealed her strong support of the faith efficacy as the main path to salvation. This was in opposition to the Puritan emphasis on work. Anne and her followers were opposed by John Cotton and Winthrop who claimed that they were guilty of the antinomian heresy and felt that her views were a threat to the puritan clergy and the civil authorities. This led to her being tried in the General court in 1937. After the death of her husband, she moved to Long Island where she got murdered in an Indian attack.

Elizabeth De Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory was born in 1560 and her parents were very wealthy and they were closely related to kings, ministers and prime ministers. On the other hand, other members of her extended family dabbled in lesbianism, black arts, habitual promiscuity and diabolism. As she was growing up, she exposed the above pastimes. At the age of 15, she was married to Count Ferencz Nadasdy. They lived in on the fortress of Castle which is found in the mountains of Carpathian which had many peasants who worked on the farmlands. In their marriage, she became too cruel and she was feared by the peasants. She used to torture and beat her female servant using the cruel ways that she acquired from her aunt who was a lesbian. Her husband died and she developed a taste for blood which she believed that it could keep her fading beauty.

During her 50s, her menservants assisted her to extract blood from the peasant girls and they buried the bodies at night. The news about the disappearance of girls reached the king and Elizabeth and her accomplices were arrested but she was not executed since she was related to the king. Since she had killed about 600 people, the parliament passed a law that saw her sentenced alive in a small room in Castle Csethe. She died at the age of 54 years.

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Gilles De Rais

Gilles was born in 1404 in a ruling family of Brittany. He became a national hero and he was accused of sodomizing, raping, disempowering and torturing about eight hundred children at his country estate (NNDB: Tracking the Entire World). With the aid of his servants, he lured many children of age between six and eighteen years into his bedroom. He was partial to the boys and he made the girls his victims. The boys who had a good singing voice could sometimes escape and save their life.

Rais made a full confession which he was familiar with and it spared him the torture. When he was taken to the courts, he proved his obsession with the killing of many children by describing their agonies into details.  For instance, he said that he ripped out the hearts of the children through wounds. He also dismembered a pregnant woman with the aim of making sport with the foetus. Finally, Gilles was thrown onto a pyre but his family members were given permission to remove his body before it was lit.

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St. Valentine

Julius Caesar Valentine was a bishop during 270 A.D. who thought that the decrees of Rome were wrong at that time. He believed that people should be given freedom to marry and love God. During this time, the emperor of Rome, Claudius II outlawed marriage because he thought that the married men could not make good soldiers as they could be reluctant to be separated from their families during wars. The emperor also outlawed Christianity because he wanted to be praised by the people and valentine was against this.

Valentine used to invite young couples and performed matrimonial services for them. Valentine was caught and brought to the emperor who tried to persuade him to serve the roman gods but he held to his Christian faith. Due to his stand, he was executed the emperor. He was stoned, beaten and decapitated and died on 14th, 270 A.D. He fell in love with the jailer's daughter who was blind while in jail. A miracle happened whereby the jailer's daughter gained her sight and valentine sent a final farewell note to her.

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Vlade Dracula (Vlad III the Impaler)

Dracula was born in the year 1431 and he was sent to Turkey in 1444 to prove his father's royalty together with his brother. He spent about four years in turkey as a hostage. He was helped by the Turkish army to seize the Walachian throne in 1448 but he ruled for a very short time before he was sent to exile and Viadislav took over the throne. Later he killed Vladslav and took the throne again.

By the year 1462, Dracula had managed to kill between 40,000 and 10,0000 people. For, instance claimed to end the problems that people had through burning them in his castle. He arrested people who were not royal to him, he impaled old people and he forced others to build the fortress whereby they worked for long time and naked. Also, he killed any woman who was found having affairs and he could publicly display the death bodies for people to learn a lesson.

Because of his harshness, there were no crimes in Walachia. In 1942, Dracula was imprisoned by the Matthias Corvinus, the king of Hungary and his younger brother ruled Walachia. Radu died and Dracula became the prince of Walachia again. Later, the Ottomans invaded Walachia and he was killed in 1476.


Saladin was born in the year 1138 in Iran and he grew up in Syria. Saladin was the famous Muslim hero/leader during the expeditions by the Christians to regain the holy land from the Mohammedans. He became the vizier of Egypt when his uncle and he proclaimed himself a sultan of Egypt after the death of Nur ad-Din. He believed in Jihad which he used to motivate the Muslims. He was always for the Jihad wars and he had a well trained army who were ready to take down the Latin crusaders. He only spent three months to conquer Jerusalem and all the crusader cities and most people regarded him as their savior. Also, he did not harm any citizen all destroy any property.

When Jerusalem was controlled by the Muslims, Saladin allowed the Christians to live with everyone peacefully in the city. However, he was not a good man as he controlled the only source of water in at Hattin while people were suffering from thirst. He also hated Reginald of Chatillon because he was against Muslims and he finally killed him by cutting his head. After his death, he was seen as a person who was used by God to create peace between the Christians and Muslims.

Grimke Sisters

The two Grimke sisters Angelina and Sarah were among the most famous abolitionists from the nineteenth century. The sisters came from a family that was slaveholding but they could be able to support abolition. They were the first people to represent the American Ant-Slavery Society in touring and addressing the audience of women and men. In conducting their activities, they heavily relied upon religious devotion which characterized their writing which talked about the relationship between church, family and state.

The sisters were very sensitive to slavery injustices and thought the slaves how to read and even played for them. When they went to Philadelphia, Sarah initiated the boycott of the products that were produced through slavery and Angelina became a member of the Female Antislavery Society. In the beginning of 1836, they started addressing women in New York City parlors and their audience grew too large to an extent they started holding their lectures in big churches.



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