Marijuana in the United States

In the United States, where marijuana is officially authorized, doctors advocate for the employment of medical marijuana in the treatment of several conditions and illnesses. These diseases and conditions are mostly chronic and include chronic pain, nausea, particularly due to chemotherapy, arthritis, loss of appetite, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, cancer, epilepsy, and AIDS. In addition, therapeutic marijuana may be used in cases of glaucoma, insomnia, inflammation, Crohn's disease and migraine. Consequently, medical marijuana is utilized to relieve pain and progress the quality of living for individuals who are incurably unwell (Cervantes 76).

As much as medical marijuana may be beneficial, it should be acknowledged that it cannot be used in treating any ailment or disorder. It can be explained by the fact that each person responds differently to cannabis depending on their illness and age, the surroundings in which the plant drug is used, an individual’s distinct genetics, the specific strain, strength and composition of the marijuana used as well as the exceptional beliefs and sentiments of each patient. Despite the fact that some ordinary experiences may be generalized, it should be emphasized that every individual responds differently when subjected to marijuana. For instance, many individuals may get actual relief from migraine or muscle spasms whereas some, on rare occasion, might experience elevated levels of anxiety or still have “dissociative disorders” (Pope 252)

Furthermore, it should be noted that every medicine possesses a “safety profile”, which ought to be cautiously reviewed before taking any fresh drug. Medical marijuana boasts of an extraordinary “safety profile” with no stated deaths or overdoses. In addition, it has hardly any adverse effects. Marijuana smoking may lead to lungs and throat irritation. On the other hand, smoking marijuana that is polluted with mold, pesticides or other matter, may result to bronchitis, which is predominantly hazardous for individuals with weak immune systems. Several patients choose to make use of their vaporizers or get their marijuana orally. Consequently, a few of the patients have reported stomach upset due to ingesting marijuana products.



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