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Drug for Medicinal Feature

It should be acknowledged that quite a good number of patients, especially the new ones, might experience dizziness as a result of taking marijuana. Furthermore, a patient who is under marijuana medication should not operate any machinery or motor vehicle (Cervantes 82). Based on the uses of marijuana in the medical field, the human population should be enlightened on its importance and change a perception about this plant. It should further be noted that some individuals depend on medical marijuana in treating their illnesses.

To be regarded as a suitable medicine, a particular drug should be both safe and effective. In addition, it should conform to the specified criteria that have been visibly put up by the legal model. Therefore, before determining the kind, composition and strength of marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes, the above requirements should be considered. The benefits associated with the use of medical marijuana outweigh the threats. Due to this, physicians need to inform the general public on the use and importance of marijuana as a therapeutic drug. In doing this, the physicians will not only be encouraging their sick patients, but also showing sympathy for them. In the long run, the society will permit the use of this drug for its medicinal feature on a large scale. As highlighted above, it is evident that marijuana has medicinal significance.



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