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The Market of Pandora is an internet based organization that charges subscription fees to a customer in order for him or her to access the internet radio services. The company also offers a free version of the service, but this version has less features and services in comparison to the chargeable one. Pandora earns its revenue from its sales of music and the advertisements of other business. This company is very popular and for this reason it is successful as far as it changes the way people of the United States use the internet. Pandora also portrays how different companies can be when run through the internet. This is because it has a feature whereby the user is able to change the service on the basis of his or her subscription. The value propositions of Pandora include the handiness and personal experiences. has fewer competitors and the few competitors that are present and upcoming do not affect the revenue of the company due to its strong foundation and the established customers through the internet and the recently launched application that enables the smartphone users to access the service on their mobile phones. The market of Pandora includes people of all ages, the young and the old all over the United States. Nothing can stop from providing its services as long as the internet is functioning.



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