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Case Study Paper

Lionel’s Background

Lionel grew up in an environment that was characterized by violence and inaccessible parents. Lionel developed in that setting to become a liar, robber, and a bully. He often teased and smacked teachers and students he had an altercation with.

Lionel’s mother was complacent in raising him up. In the case study we were told that the teachers tried to reach her, but usually she was not available. Her mother doesn’t seem to have a good attitude and does not do enough to help to shape Lionel’s behavior.

Lionel has been defiant from an early age, and his grandmother points out that sometimes he didn’t come back home. Clearly, his truancy behavior began at home. His siblings could probably have similar traits, as we were told that their mothers sit around with them watching television. This shows that his family had a great influence on his behavior.

a. Student Strengths

Include strengths from all domains (e.g., academic, functional, behavior, community, etc.)

Lionel possesses behavior that is characterized by extreme anger, emotions, truancy, aggression, and defiance. However, he has some strengths, which can be inferred out of those weaknesses. Lionel is emotional and this means that his emotions can be channeled in a good way to make him a loving person. There must be a barrier that could be aggravating his violent behavior. In order to get the best out of Lionel, the specific problems he could be facing must be determined.


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The fact that Lionel hits other students shows that he has a lot of energy, which can be channeled to physical sports, such as rugby. Lionel has self-identity and is unfortunate to pick negative traits from his mother. This shows that he has the potential to identify himself with general positivity through raising him in an environment with motivated people.

Lionel can perform better in class, because he seems to be determined and very daring.  He only lacks a sense of purpose, which can be achieved by instilling positivity. His strengths are being considered by his teacher. He believes that Lionel can be molded into a loving person, because he is emotional.

b. Critical Need Areas

Lionel has problems with his behavior, learning, emotions, and social life. The three main areas that need to be focused on are his background, emotions, and his social life. Lionel needs to be educated, accountable, and loving. It is the lack of these traits that makes him struggle with his education. Lionel should have more knowledge of his environment and should preferably be allowed to interact with nonviolent children. This will help him to view the world differently, for him to stop bad habits, while he is still young.

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However, Lionel must be willing and motivated to learn the new behavior and this can be done through counseling him and trying to change his misconceptions about the world. Lionel should be encouraged to socialize more with other students for him to develop a loving attitude. He is emotional and background family problems should be solved first to achieve success in initiating a behavioral change.

c. Important skills targeted on IEP


The Individualized Education Program allows all students to learn and prosper academically according to the curriculum. Under the IEP program, exams are set in order to determine the performance of the students. In the process, weak students, such as Lionel, will be discovered. Several measures, including holding teachers responsible for performance and providing resources to facilitate more specialized education, will be taken.  

Functional behavior

The IEP program establishes an environment that helps to mold the behavior of children. They conduct functional behavioral assessments that seek to establish what is troubling a student. They use their own guides and only experts carry out the assessments. Measures to intervene are planned for. A description on the development, implementation, and evaluation of the specific objectives is included into the plan.

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Emotional stability

The IEP program assesses and notes down how a student with an emotional problem needs to be handled at school. It stipulates that a child should be placed in an environment, where emotional instability will affect learning to a minimal extent.

They encourage students to be given flexibility to manage their emotions; for instance, free time, while other students are still learning. The IEP will also accommodate students, encourage parental involvement in the affairs of a child, and seek to discover other emotional problems affecting students.

d. Your Classroom

How would you provide the appropriate instruction and educational environment for this student?

I will minimize the exposure of Lionel to the potential victims, avert any situation that will lead to quarrels, talk to other students to understand Lionel, and deter competition in class, as it may lead to animosity on Lionel’s part.

Other measures I could use include explaining the expectations in a student of Lionel’s caliber beforehand, using gestures to elicit positive response, and responding immediately to the problems.

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What would you do differently in your classroom?

Personally, I will focus on solving Lionel’s problems, and I will take a solution-based approach. The thing, which is going to be the most important one, is a change in behavior. The solution-based approach explains that behavioral change in students such as Lionel is dependent on the trust they have in a teacher and the ability to forget past problems. The first thing I will do is to investigate his background without letting him know and then use the solution-based approach to solve his problems step by step starting with emotional and behavioral problems.

How would you help this student be successful?

I will make this student successful by solving his problems step by step starting with the most important one, emotional problems. The next ones will be behavioral and functional problems. Finally, I will solve his academic problems. This procedure enables him to grow almost at the same rate as other children. Focusing on academic problems first may make him unsuccessful as a person.

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e. Parental Communication

How would you foster parental communication?

I will encourage parents, such as Lionel’s mother, to spend more time with their children, so as to understand what they are going through. Offering suggestions on the ways to build and maintain parent-child rapport will be one of my main tasks. I will encourage parents to use social media, so as to keep in touch with their children and teachers in order to follow the progress a child is making.

How would you develop a rapport with the parents?

I will set an environment that will promote the Parent-Teacher rapport. The classroom needs to be welcoming to the parents. There need to be chairs for parents to sit on if it is a lower primary class. Strong opinions should be kept at a minimum, because a healthy discussion will lead to a better relationship.

Consider services you could provide to the parents.

I can initiate counseling programs for parents, who may need it themselves. Once in a while, I will organize the activities that will bring the whole family together to foster tightly knit families. Communication among the group will be improved. Emotional and aggressive problems have no chance of developing in this setting.

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f. Assessment Recommendations

What assessments should be administered?

Behavioral Assessment for children should be conducted. This assessment consists of the questions that are meant to be answered by both the teacher and the parents. They are both required to give the correct historical information about their children, abilities, and capacity to change. Children are asked several questions pertaining to how they relate with their companions, teachers, and parents. 

Why should these assessments be used?

This assessment reveals whether a child has a high or low self esteem and whether he or she is coping well with academics and social events or not. The assessment is capable of pointing out mental issues, such as insomnia and forgetfulness.

What assessments have been conducted?

Up to this point the assessment of the child’s background has been conducted and the results have been recorded. The remaining assessments will be done depending on the background information collected.

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In conclusion, the children, who show aggressive and emotional behavior, do have critical needs and strengths. Self-identity and self-esteem are the main determinants of such abnormal behavior. It is the cause of extreme emotions that shape behavior, which affects academic performance. Therefore, solving self-esteem problems will improve the academic performance of a child. 



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