The best autos, offering a liberal blend of luxury, performance, safety, and looks are reasonably priced. However one does not need to spend a fortune to enjoy the fruits of man's efforts, as long as he/she sets sights to the affordable best. Autos may be beneficial: the one who drives them, and the one who sees them. Drivers can be thoroughly satisfied with the solid structure and affluent environment it offers. They will notice that the clean, mature appearance of these luxury cars enhances the eclectic beauty of urban life. Automobiles are not necessarily for the well-to-do, but are for anyone who is bold enough to wield the machine of the intelligent man. Instead of using the heavy metals used in past automobiles, manufacturers' will use lighter substances like plastics and other composite materials. Not only do these materials make the cars weigh less, they also improve fuel efficiency. Another important factor that controls speed is the fuel used. As an example, alcohol bums faster than gasoline; thus, alcohol cars can travel faster than gasoline cars. (2) Today scientists are working on alternative fuels, like methanol and natural gas. Some scientists insist that electricity is the better "fuel" to power motor vehicles. Scientists are working on an on board refinery -- fuel cells that extract hydrogen from gasoline and then burn it to produce electricity. Another extremely important factor to speed is aerodynamics. There are three key items to aerodynamics: frontal area, drag coefficient, and the lift coefficient. The smaller a car's frontal area the faster it can travel. In addition, cleanliness and sleekness help reduce the friction, or rag, of the air moving over and around the car. Finally, when a car travels at high speeds the turbulence from the air actually lifts the back end of the car. To limit the car's lift, spoilers and wings are used. (2) Spoilers and wings cause a down force that helps keep the wheels from lifting off the ground; this is so because the spoilers and wings cause additional drag.

The automobile will have better audio and video systems, Internet access and navigation will be possible with satellites, and most of the technological systems will respond to voice commands. As an illustration most luxury vans have televisions, VCR'S, and video game systems. Now imagine having all of those items including laptop computers, DVD players, and Internet access in a car. every day manufacturers are getting closer to making those images a reality. Televisions and computers will be integrated into the backs off cars and on dashboards. DVD players will replace CD players. More speakers will be added to give a more full and complete sound. MP3 playback systems-an audio compression standard that allows users to download music from the Internet-will replace today's standard radio stations. Mobile phones are nothing new for automobile users, but satellites will replace the use of towers to transmit mobile phone calls. Internet access will also be possible with satellite use in cars. (1) In addition, navigational systems will be integrated into the consoles of cars. The navigation system will use satellite technology to place a digital map of a country, state, or city on a small screen located either on the dashboard or center console in cars. ...



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