The Hajj

(1.) The Islam five pillars- the Islamic religion has five recognized pillars that form the core foundation of the religion followers. The first pillar is belief/ faith declaration to the only one God (Allah) and in the prophetic message(s) of Muhammad- this helps the followers to have faith in the invisible God, and to belief on messages of the God’s chosen servants. The daily ritual prayer which performed on penta-basis helps the believers to have daily communication request for their daily needs and confess of their inequities. They thirdly have to their due concern of mercy through charitable provision to the needy to demonstrate the love and care of God to both the poor and the rich. Fasting from dawn to dust in the month of Ramadan is the fourth Islamic pillar which is important opportunity for self-purification. The fifth and the last pillar is the pilgrimage.

(2.) The meaning of the word “primordiality” in Islam

This refers to the first understanding and nature of life which a person leads before the performance of the pilgrimage.

(3.) “Ihran- is clothing worn by pilgrims immediately they arrive at the scene of pilgrimage occasion as an indication of their conversion from the old world to a new world. They garment is made of two white piece of cloths, one for covering the waists and the other the shoulders. It made white to show purity or the wearer is cleansed of his sins.

(4.) Gai Eaton tells us that when the pilgrim to Mecca sets out for the Ka’bah in Mecca, he is essentially “coming home.” What does Eaton mean by this? Eaton meant that the Ka’bah is the most important part in the process of pilgrimage. Home is where person can get almost everything they demand or want and have rest which can be likened with the Ka’bah.

(5.) Tawaf is the first ritual which is performed by a pilgrim in an anti-clockwise movement around the Ka’bah that unites the pilgrims with the one God as well as with other people.

(6.) The significance of the Blackstone placed at one of the corners of the Ka’bah is that it give the pilgrim the chance to place his lips on the same place where the prophet used to place his. Adam’s legend gives the impression of the degree purity attached to the Blackstone which should also be seen to man while the scientist theory tell more of the origin of the Blackstone which unveils the power of the divine creation.

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(7.) In the second rite of the pilgrimage “S’ay” to Mecca, the pilgrim would make seven complete movements between two rock outcrops (safa and marwah). In each single complete movement, the pilgrim will have to walk and run a particular distance in the process of making unity with people of the opposite sex

(8.) During the “Umra,” to MountArafat, the pilgrim goes to live in the valley and the plain that surrounds the mountain and a universal uniting ritual is performed.

(9.) The ritual sacrifice of animals performed at Arafat is of great significance to the pilgrim. The ritual has got the function of reminding the pilgrim of the divine mercy, but the hidden meaning of it is the sacrifice of the believer’s body to live a holy life.

(10.) The stoning of the pillars at Mina- this is the last ritual which is performed in the pilgrimage. It’s an activity which entails the throw of forty-nine or seventy stone with the maximum gathered force by each pilgrim against the pillars at mina as way of self-sanctification. These are pillars which symbolize the devil or the demonic powers, and thus it’s the aim and hope of the pilgrim for each throw to destroy wholly or partly the shadows, temptations and the impulses of the devil which affects his life.

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