Review of Kearns, J. and Ito, A. “Shortage of Educated Workers Boosts U.S. Joblessness”

The major concern of this article is about the level of unemployment in key cities, in relation to the level of education of individuals. It begins by highlighting that, major cities with greater gaps in level of education between workers and those positions that are available have lower rates of new job openings and job creation. It describes the report of Jonathan Rothwell institution published on 29th August 2012. From the report, the article sites that Washington, San Francisco and San Jose are the cities with the highest demand for college graduates. The article also reports that people with low education cannot fill up open positions in large metropolitan areas. This is simply because limited job openings for those workers with minimal education are available. However, metro areas that have most highly educated workers in relation to demand have lowest rates of unemployment. Conversely, those with little education find their jobs to be readily available.

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This article reflects the true nature of what is going on in large cities. Large metropolitan cities have advanced technologically, and hence people with little education cannot meet the demands of job openings available. For instance, San Jose is a city with several IT based company. Graduates who meet the needs of these IT based companies are the ones who can   access jobs in this city, and other cities with the same set up. This article has majorly covered jobs concerning computers and its application, and a little bit of nursing. However, it has not tackled jobs in the field of agriculture and engineering which may have different views as the ones presented in this article.

In summary, the article has captured the true nature of jobs in key cities and the cases of unemployment. It has offered a bridge to the gap left by other articles concerning the rate of unemployment by explaining why there is high unemployment rate, yet there are quite high job openings in the market.

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