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Film Analysis. Custom Film Analysis Essay Writing Service || Film Analysis Essay samples, help

Girl interrupted is a movie that was adapted from a memoir. This memoir was authored by Susanna Kaysen in the year nineteen hundred and ninety three (1993). The movie was launched in 1999. The author of the memoir narrates experiences that she gained while in a psychiatric hospice in 1960's. Subsequent to the occurrence of the homicide attempt, Susanna met a psychologist.The psychologist investigated the circumstances which led to Susanna's actions. After this congregation, the psychiatrist recommended that Susanna would have an advantage of residing at a private mental institution which was called Claymore. Susanna henceforth was admitted to the private mental institution and she encounters a lifestyle which is absolutely unusual from the one she was used to. During her stay at the institution, she was placed under medication and in addition, a psychiatrist used to attend to her on a day-to-day basis. The patients in this private mental institution suffered from various complications.The movie was produced by Wick Douglas and Konrad Cathy. Its executive producers were Brodie Carol and Ryder Winona. Kacandes Georgia was the co-producer. The movie was directed by Mangold. The screenplay includes Mangold, Loomer Lisa and Phelan Anna. Sussana, the main character is played by Winona Ryder. Lisa is Angelina Jolie, Daisy is Brittany Murphy, Georgina is Clea Duval whereas Polly is Moss Elizabeth. Others characters include Jacobs Tobias who is nicknamed Leto Jared, Dr. Potts who is dubbed Jeffrey Tambor, Dr. Wick who is nicknamed Vanessa Redgrave, Valerie is nicknamed Whoopi Goldberg and Mrs. Gilcrest who is called Mary Kay Place in this movie. This movie partly relays the spirit of the book that was authored by Susanna Kaysen. The film inflicts an isolated gentleman viewpoint on the observations that were made by Susanna Kaysen whilst inside a private mental institution (Kaysen, 1999).The Losses That the Main Characters are experiencing  The main character in this movie is Susanna who has experienced numerous losses. First and foremost, Susanna is suffering from borderline personality. This disorder was detected by a psychologist. In the year nineteen hundred and sixty seven (1967), Susanna picked a quarrel and henceforth attempted to commit homicide. She swallowed a bottle of aspirin and afterwards drunk vodka. This action led her to being taken to the emergency room. At this room, she was treated and hence she managed to stay alive. Susanna refuted the accusations leveled against her that she was trying to commit murder. Subsequent to the occurrence of the homicide attempt, Susanna met a psychologist who investigated the circumstances which led to Susanna's actions.After this congregation, the psychiatrist recommended that Susanna would have an advantage of residing at a private mental institution which was called Claymore. Susanna henceforth was admitted to the private mental institution and she encounters a lifestyle which is absolutely unusual from the one she was used to. During her stay at the institution, she was placed under medication and in addition, a psychiatrist used to attend to her on a day-to-day basis. The patients in this private mental institution suffered from various complications.  Secondly, during her stay at the mental hospital, Susanna is misadvised by one of her roommate called Lisa to stop consuming drugs that had been prescribed to her by the doctor. This act leads to abuse of drug. However, a period of several weeks, she collaborates with her doctors and resumes with her medication. Thirdly, Susanna is immoral. This is depicted as she pays a visit at the exterior of the ward. The ward is located close to an ice cream shop. Henceforth, she is confronted with an irritated woman.

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The woman is accompanied by her daughter. This woman accuses Susanna of having sexual intercourse with her husband. Susanna is cruelly rebuked by the woman and her daughter. Nonetheless, Lisa who is Susanna's roommate and friend comes to her aid. She launches a verbal attack against the woman and her daughter. This action makes Lisa to lose her exterior recognition. Fourth, Susanna is nearly persuaded to sneak away from the visit. Her former boyfriend who is known as Tobias paid her a visit. Tobias told her that he desires Susanna and him to run off to Canada. Tobias had told Susanna that she is not insane. He additionally told her that the other female patients in the mental institution were not her true allies.However, Susanna refutes to accompany Tobias to Canada. Fifth, Susanna looks puzzled and also anxious owing to the changes of cultures during the years nineteen sixty seven (1967) and nineteen sixty eighty (1968). This is because she stated that perhaps she was mad, perhaps it was the nineteen sixties (1960's). Sixth, there was a point in time in which Susanna stole a guitar. This is after the employees of the hospital had gone to bed. Susanna and Lisa henceforth sat outside the room of their colleague who is known as Polly. They started to sing a song by the title "Downtown". The song was sung by Petula Clark. However, a certain chap noted the unpleasant behavior the two were portraying. Susanna manages to persuade the chap not to report the matter to the concerned authority. Seventh, Susanna was instructed to visit a therapist hospital. This is after they had depicted despicable behavior.The head psychiatrist diagnosed Susanna for borderline personality disorder. After having realized that she was suffering from the disorder, Susanna suffered depression and consequently the nurse (Valerie) who was taking care of her become annoyed with what had happened to her. The nurse was necessitated to act accordingly and therefore she threw Susanna into a bath of cold water. The move was aimed at waking Susanna. Thereafter, Susanna returned to her normal status. Susanna nonetheless abuses the nurse because of throwing her inside the bath of cold water.

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The other main character in this movie is Lisa. Firstly, she had run away from the hospital only for her to come back after several days had elapsed and finds that her roommate had left. She in addition discovers that her friends' friend had been occupied by Susanna. Thus the two developed friendship. They started creating mess and Lisa had the audacity to persuade Susanna not to resume with her medication. Secondly, Susanna and Lisa had started to depict weird behavior and this led to both of them being taken to see the doctor.  Nevertheless, Lisa returned after the expiry of a number of days. Lisa and Susanna decided to escape from the mental institution. They stayed in the house of the Daisy who was released in the recent times.During their stay at Daisy's house, Lisa who is used to verbally attacking other people accuses Daisy of having an affair with her father. This move made    Daisy to cut herself. Furthermore, Lisa's remarks prompted Daisy hanged herself. Lisa was compelled by the circumstances to run away from the scene since she knew that danger was awaiting her. However, Susanna did not vanish from Daisy's house and instead she opted to call the detectives.  Daisy had a cat which was called Ruby. Susanna opted to adopt the cat. The detectives succeeded in apprehending Lisa and returned her to the mental institution. Upon her return to the hospital, she targeted Susanna for mockery and emotional abuse. During her last stay at the mental hospital, Susanna woke up to find Lisa reading her own diary to her colleagues who include Georgina and Polly. The diary contained the private feelings and remarks that Susanna had made regarding other patients in the hospital. There was a commotion between Susanna, Lisa, Polly and Georgina. As the argument persisted, Lisa threatened to injure herself using a needle called hypodermic. Susanna was however quick in disarming Lisa. Later on, Susanna launched a scathing attack on Lisa. The attack made Lisa to suffer from a nervous breakdown. Afterwards, Susanna and Lisa forgave one another and reunited.The third character is Daisy who is also a roommate of Susanna has eating problems and had an affair with her very own father. In addition, Daisy does not have a good health and is extremely sexual. Janet has a weakness of being fanatic of laxatives. Moreover, she has got anorexia. Daisy together with Georgina and Polly had turned on Susanna after Lisa had read a Susanna's diary which contained the private feelings and remarks which Susanna had made regarding other patients in the mental institution. Daisy is a thin female teenager who is admitted to the mental institution occasionally. She comes to the hospital prior to thanksgiving and stays all through Christmas each year. She resides in a solitary room. Daisy has a passion for luxurious things. Thus she only eats chicken while inside her room. She prepares the chicken meat. Afterward, she keeps the shell. She argues that she will only leave the mental institution after has amassed fourteen shell of the chicken. Her father usually visits her from time to time but she ultimately commits homicide on her centennial. The fourth character is Torrey. She was once a drug addict. She was send to the hospital subsequent to her parents revealing her parents revealing her promiscuity. She is the dearest friend to each and every colleague in the mental institution. Torrey's parents decided to airlift her to Mexico. However she deems that once she is in Mexico, she will turn out to be an amphetamine enthusiast once more. Her colleagues attempt to assist her in running away from the hospital. However their plans were thwarted partially by Torrey since she is scared of running away. Her plans of running away were in addition thwarted by Valerie. She had offered Valerie a cup of thorazine before leaving.The fifth character is called Polly. She attempted to commit homicide by pouring a substance which catches fire easily on her body and set her self ablaze. This act resulted into her being brought into the mental hospital. The made her to suffer from brutal scars. The other girls don't inquire the reason as why she decided to do this horrendous act. However in accordance with Susanna, her braveness could have been the real reason behind her committing this horrendous act.The fifth character is Georgina who is actually a person who does not tell the truth always. She was taken to the mental hospital due to schizophreno. Georgina is Kaysens' roommate. Georgina has a boyfriend in the mental institution that is called Wade. Georgina together with Susanna are deemed to be the most healthy patients in the mental institution. She initially experienced signs subsequent to an incident in a film theatre. During this instance, she sensed as though darkness had encompass her fullyThe final main character in the girl interrupted movie is Alice Calais. Initially, she appears calm and is taken to the maximum security. This is after she had broken down. When the other female patients visited her, they found out that she has applied feces on her body and on the walls (Kaysen, 1993).

Film Analysis. Custom Film Analysis Essay Writing Service || Film Analysis Essay samples, help

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