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Order now is a writing service organization which has a long-standing reputation for the highest quality research papers found anywhere online. While there are many sites offering similar services, ours is the only one that provides a money-back guarantee if any part of the paper is found to be plagiarized or if your deadline is not met. We can make these guarantees because we are aggressive in our commitment to originality and to meeting all specifications and requirements of our clients.


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We produce and deliver only original, custom products, written from scratch. Consider the following:

  • We do not maintain a database of cheap pre-written research papers which could be sold to multiple customers.
  • Your project is begun when it is ordered, not before.
  • Only degreed professionals write the research papers; only professional researchers provide the research; only fully experienced editors review the finished product and use sophisticated plagiarism-detection software as a final check.
  • You receive a free plagiarism report proving originality of your research paper.
  • You may request revisions at no additional charge.
  • Every specification and requirement you indicate is met without exception.

Full Range of Services

Writing a research paper can be challenging for even the best student. Consider this: you are a physics major and must, as a part of your regular course of study, write a literary analysis of a Medieval epic poem, using at least 8 resources. This is not an area in which you have any salient background or experience, and you are overwhelmed with the task. You must now find relevant and current resource material, take copious notes, synthesize those notes in order to form an outline, and then write and re-write the paper until you feel it is the best you can do. You realize that this paper has no relevance to your future career, and yet you must complete it, and complete it in a professional manner, by a given deadline. This entire process can be completely overwhelming. In other cases, highly intelligent students are unable to translate their knowledge and their research into the written word. Still other students are so burdened with a full load of courses, part-time jobs and co-curricular activities, that they inevitably get behind and now face an impossible deadline.

For these reasons, our custom research paper writing service is in business. We focus on the needs of our clients and find the most appropriate writers, researchers and editors for each project, and each work is written from scratch as it is ordered. Only in this manner, can we fully satisfy our clients who return to us frequently and recommend our services to their friends and classmates.

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In addition to the production of a complete research paper from scratch, offers other services:

  1. We will conduct the research for you and deliver that research to you, saving you the effort of long hours at the library or on the Internet, attempting to locate the most relevant resources.
  2. We will take any portion of a paper you have already completed, edit it and finish it professionally and efficiently.
  3. We will edit and proofread a paper you have already written, polishing it into something that you are proud to submit.

Prices for our services are not the cheapest you will find online. However, remember that you get exactly what you pay for, and you do not want to make the mistake or using a cheaper service that provides you with a “cut and pasted” or, worse, plagiarized product, offering no revisions or communication with your writer. Go with the service that has the guarantees –

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In Conclusion

  1. We offer custom, original, and top quality research papers, completed according to your deadline, no matter how rapidly that is approaching.
  2. We are able to handle any research paper task because we have gathered the best writers, researchers, and editors into an effective and efficient team.
  3. We provide you with the peace of mind that you will receive a product that has guarantees and that you may request revisions at no additional cost. Please remember that free revisions are provided within 2 days (1-19 pages) and 30 days (more than 20 pages) after the set deadline expiration and in case initial requirements are not changed.
  4. We guarantee your satisfaction and will re-write until that satisfaction is achieved.
  5. We provide a free plagiarism report, as well as copies of all articles used for research in the completion of your paper.
  6. We offer additional services of research, editing, and proofreading, as well as the completion of a paper you have already begun.


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