You do not want to palm off someone else’s work as your own and gain credit for it, do you? When you imitate someone else’s style you are paying them a compliment but not in this instance. But, when it comes to academic writing it is considered to be a serious offence to flick someone else’s work and fob it off as your own. If you want to secure grades that you will be proud about then a non-plagiarized essay is certainly not going to do the trick.

If you think that you will be able to hoodwink your teachers by palming off someone else’s work and claiming it to be yours then think again. This can be found out and you will be in serious trouble after that discovery. Schools and universities consider plagiarism to be not acceptable under any circumstances.

Tools for Identifying Plagiarized Papers

There are numerous ways in which the teaching community can check whether what you have written is your very non-plagiarized essay. They are old hands at this.

Teachers can find out the authenticity of your work using certain tools. These are:


Teachers use a website called to check whether there is any plagiarism that has been resorted to. All that a teacher needs to do is become their member and they will be able to check uncountable number of essays. Hence, in just a click of a mouse the teacher will find out exactly what your paper is made off.

Downloading detection programs:

Some teachers have downloaded special software on their computers which enables them to check the submitted paper immediately. This software comes at a real low cost and the efficacy is top notch. A known software is Eve2 at just $30.

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The last thing that a teacher can resort to is looking closely at the citations and references cited by the student. Also, the teacher is aware of the kind of work that the student can submit. They will also check if the student has used the same kind of language that students are usually capable of.

Teachers have been in this profession for long and they know all the tricks that are up a student’s sleeve. Just one glance at the written material and they will be able to judge right away. Remember that they do this every day and hence have gained great insight into this. They specifically look for citations and the bibliography and come to know if it is plagiarized.

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It can be extremely tempting to get something readymade and straight off the shelf. But keep in mind the non-plagiarized essay involve no dangers . The moment you copy someone else’s work you will be able to find certain advantages such as not having to spend time on it and being able to pick it straight away. But, also keep in mind that this is a punishable offence and it could cost you great humiliation and your degree too. If caught, you can be taken to task and will fall in the eyes of your peers and teachers.


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