How to Write a Good Literature Review?

The essay is one of the tasks that are assigned to students frequently. There are many different types of essays, a literature review perhaps can be considered as one of the most difficult ones. Not every student is able to write a good essay of this type. Many students ask their friends or professional writers to compile a literature review for them, but in fact, the experience of writing this kind of work is very valuable. After all, you will have the opportunity to get a lot of knowledge and learn how to express your thoughts correctly. So do not be afraid of difficult tasks. There are several rules of writing the correct literature review that will help you learn how to write a good work.

Tips on Writing a Literary Review

Study Different Samples

Before writing your own essay, study several examples of works by other, experienced authors. It will be easy to do because technical capabilities allow you to find any information on the Internet in our time. Learn how authors submit information, pay attention to the style of writing of their literature reviews and the structure of works. Reading examples of different works will help you understand what literary review is and learn the basic principles of proper writing.

Write Briefly and Clearly

The reader can perceive short sentences more easily. Complex sentences can make your text overloaded. Express your thoughts in an understandable form, neatly and clearly. Express the main ideas on which you are planning to work at the very beginning of the essay. Remember that literature review is primarily a scientific text. You can use terms only if you really understand their meanings. Use quotes and references to the works of famous researchers.

Adhere to the Correct Structure of Literature Review

Form each separate idea into a paragraph. One paragraph should gradually go to the next one. All your thoughts should be related to each other concern to the topic of your research. Remember that all essays consist of three main parts, so do not break the structure of your work. Introduce your topic to the readers in the introduction, then navigate them to your literature review, and draw logical conclusions that will summarize all the results of your work.

Do not Forget About Proofreading and Checking of Your Work

The text you have written is not the end of the work. What is – revising and making necessary correction when needed. Even if you have expressed your ideas well, but made a lot of grammatical and punctuation mistakes, such literature review is unlikely to get an excellent mark. Therefore, you need to take the process of checking your essay very seriously and read every sentence of your work attentively. Writing literature review is a very good experience for all students. It helps improve your writing style, to develop the critical way of thinking, and to express your thoughts. These important qualities will help you not only in studies but also in everyday life.


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